Ciera Rose

Being passionate about your craft means relying on it no matter what unexpected turns life takes and having faith that it’ll reward you. 27-year-old Ciera Rose is a Licensed Hair Professional specializing in natural hair and glueless lace closure wigs. She’s been practicing for five and a half years, beginning in 2017. Upon graduating from Cosmetology school in 2019, Ciera found out she was pregnant. When it’d be easy to succumb to stress, Ciera started planning the life she wanted for her and her child. Discipline and faith pushed Ciera to create her wig business, a decision she wouldn’t regret. Through her business, Ciera has produced opportunities, connections, and an all-around better living experience. Being able to decide her own hours has generated freedom and stability for Ciera, allowing her to focus on raising her child, which is most important.

“The peace and internal happiness of doing what I love everyday that supports my lifestyle as well is really a life goal I hope more people get to experience.”

—Ciera Rose

As an entrepreneur, things might not always go her way, but shortcomings allow for constant mental growth and stimulation. Separating emotions from the business while practicing persistence keeps Ciera going strong. She’s had the pleasure of operating out of Plush Life Beauty Lounge alongside like-minded, goal-driven individuals. Jennifer, the owner, Kayla, Michaela, and lash tech Gabbi all do great work and leave customers satisfied. Together, they create elegant and relaxing vibes at Plush Life that are unmatched compared to most work environments. She also mentions her dear friend, Rikayla, as a true go-getter and notable hairstylist. In the future, Ciera plans to expand by purchasing a salon of her own. She wants to focus on turning the wig business into passive income before moving on to Real Estate and Personal Finance. Ultimately, she hopes to show her son and family that whatever your passion is, monetize it, and everything else will literally fall into place. We’re expecting to see more of Ciera Rose in the future, always move #CloserToYourDream


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  1. SHARON JONES says:

    my precious grand diva doing great things. I thank God for her and her gift.


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