Jaliah Lashay

For many, life is about growth and finding your place in the world. It requires you to step out of your comfort zone while simultaneously maintaining confidence in your capabilities. 23-year-old Jaliah Lashay is a Multifaceted Creator from Kansas City, Kansas. Creative director, Influencer, Fashionista, and more; Jaliah is most notably “The Girl with a Camera.” Receiving her first camera on her 11th birthday, Jaliah has been practicing photography for over a decade. She recalls taking pictures of her friends during recess and visiting the local CVS to print them for scrapbooking. In 8th Grade, she’d have her first professional photo shoot where she dressed as Marilyn Monroe, one of her favorite childhood models. To Jaliah, Monroe was always picture-perfect and unapologetic, something that piqued her interest in photography. Being from Gen Z, Jaliah grew up in the era of Social Media. From MySpace and Bebo to Facebook and Instagram, utilizing social media as an outlet for self-expression has become her norm. Jaliah’s greatest hardship has been underestimating her talents and not giving herself the deserved credit. Like other creatives, she’ll downplay her own work in comparison to peers in her field. To work on this, Jaliah practices affirmations and acts of self-reassurance. The goal is to improve as a Creative and become a better version of herself overall.

“The reason I partake in creative directing and picture taking is because it allows me a chance to express myself without having to verbally say anything. It gives me the chance to be able to exercise several of my gifts and talents all at once for one overall outcome. It also allows me to help other people see their inner beauty through my lens!”

—Jaliah Lashay

Jaliah implores Creatives to use their full imagination, her motto being “you can never be too extra.” Pictures are a form of self-expression, so highlighting the talents and gifts of her clients is imperative. In doing so, Jaliah gives viewers a chance to learn about the Creatives’ journey, individuality, and personality in each photo. While she hasn’t been able to work with other local photographers, she has compiled a list of a few she wishes to network with and even learn from in the future! Jaliah Lashay sets herself apart by making every experience unique and personable for clients. A lot of planning goes into every photoshoot such as vision discussion and shopping for the right look. Jaliah makes it her mission to include clients in every aspect of the creative process. She creates connections and everlasting memories. One day she hopes to own a selfie studio/creative space inclusive of all individuals. Subsequently, she’d be providing an easily accessible space for other creatives to collaborate with like-minded individuals. For now, Jaliah Lashay has focused on rooting herself in the community and collecting inventory for when the time is right. Way more than just a “Girl with a Camera,” we’re sure to see more from her!

Email: jaliahprice@yahoo.com

LinkTree: Jaliah Lashay

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  1. Omgggg I literally wanna cry reading this thank you sooooo soooo much for this feature . It’s been a goal of mines since forever to be recognized on this platform amongst the many other talented individuals that you have highlighted. I’m soooo extremely greatful for this opportunity 🥰

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    1. Ctydwriting says:

      Thank you for allowing us to write about you!


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