Kam Hendo

We often mention how children inherit physical attributes from their parents, such as physique, facial appearance, and more. We do not, however, discuss the mannerisms, personalities, and talents passed between generations. 25-year-old Kam Hendo is a Recording Artist from Kansas City, Kansas. Music runs deep in his family, with his Grandmother being a DJ and his Mother singing in a mass church choir. Following his Grandmother passing in 2017, Kam’s passion for music would surge astronomically. Instead of succumbing to his grief, Kam would become hyperactive and use music as an outlet for him to convey the experiences of himself and those around him. Aside from his family, Kam has found influence in artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Durk, Pharrell, and Travis Scott. Becoming an independent artist has yielded quite a few obstacles for Kam, but his strong will and support from others have made the journey easy. He describes music in KC as having a heavy Bay Area sound with subtle undertones of Southern influence; it’s an amalgamation of smooth chords and melodies with bouncing bass. When collaborating, Kam Hendo enjoys working with artists who are serious about their craft and honing their sound. On his latest project, “4 Da City,” Kam Hendo was able to work with local artists Kye Colors, Jojo Ali, D Walk, and more. Everyone showed up and out, creating good vibes that would translate to the music. Kam Hendo sets himself apart by never trying to “fit the mold” in the first place. He wishes to show those who come after him that you don’t have to change yourself for success and to be proud of what you bring to the table. In the future, Kam plans on participating in numeral music festivals while improving his craft. Reaching the next level is a job that’s never finished. We’ll no doubt be hearing more from him. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Facebook: Kam Hendo

Instagram: Kamhendo

YouTube: Watch Here

Apple Music: Listen Here

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