Gabby Moore

All new experiences begin with a leap of faith. With no way of telling the future, you’ll never know what’s for you without exploring. 24-year-old Gabby Moore is a Tattoo Artist from Kansas City, Kansas. Although Tattooing has been a focal point for her over the past two years, Gabby also possesses other talents that have helped culminate her artistry. Gabby would often spend her time at home and in school doodling and drawing portraits of family members, a hobby that would continue into adulthood. She recalls a lady telling her she’d do great work as a Tattoo Artist but wouldn’t take the comment seriously until a year later when the pandemic started. Already possessing the drive, Gabby was now searching for someone to teach her the basics. She ran into trouble finding a mentor due to many of the people she asked being too busy or simply not giving her the time of day. Another problem she ran into was people thinking she was less of an artist because of her womanhood. Overcoming these challenges hasn’t been easy, but Gabby making beneficial connections with many different artists has helped tremendously. Recently, she’s begun working in a shop and has gained tips from those surrounding her. With the shop owner being a Black Woman, Gabby feels recognized and confident in her abilities as a Woman artist. Her style is black and grey realism, specifically for larger scale pieces and poetically executed. All too often, however, she isn’t able to fully express her creativity as a KC Tattoo Artist.

“The KC tattoo scene is okay, but there aren’t a lot of people here who want real art for tattoos, everybody just wants cheap little name tattoos and it gets frustrating at times as an artist who wants to do real work. There are a lot of dope artists who have been in the game for a while and are household names, but I feel there are SO many underrated artists who don’t get the appreciation they deserve because everybody goes to the same few tattoo artists.”

—Gabby Moore

Gabby sets her work apart by focusing on cleaner linework and smoother shading. To the untrained eye, these elements aren’t as noticeable. To other artists, however, sloppy shading and linework stick out. Gabby centers on her work being clean and crisp up close and from far away. Her goal is to build with the team at Kila’s Tattoo Shop while ever-evolving as an artist. She also plans on traveling and making guest appearances at other shops to grow her network. Eventually, Gabby Moore plans to take her talents outside of just Tattooing and into different ventures! With work that speaks for itself, we’re sure to see more of Gabby. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Website: InkByGabs

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