Jaron Robinson Sr.

Networking is an undervalued skill that often opens doors to previously unattainable opportunities. 26-year-old Jaron Robinson Sr. is an Entrepreneur from Kansas City, KS. As a Creative, Jaron has always sought ways to bring individuals together to create. With his business, Wine Colors Art + Sip, he’s made a safe space for creatives to converse, think freely, and create alongside one another. Wine Colors Art + Sip was introduced on February 14th, 2022 but has been in planning since 2019. Getting community members to understand his vision was one of the hardships for Jaron. A twist on the usual Paint + Sip, WCA+S allows for more versatility and free reign to get creative juices flowing. Marketing to smaller platforms, Jaron has been able to make connections, gain feedback, and has seen himself booked more periodically. Jaron has learned to take each opportunity as it’s an opportunity to help himself and others grow. 

“I’ve worked in healthcare since 2016 and have always wanted to do my best by helping where I could. Currently, I see and know many artists that art doesn’t get heard or seen, and I want to help them get themselves out there. I want them to make connections, get opportunities to showcase their art, and most importantly, enjoy creating. Creating is what makes us creatives thrive in this world. If we feel sad when we create, it affects our lives negatively. Why not create something positive that aids your mission to help art and the artists themselves.”

—Jaron Robinson Sr

As we know, networking and making positive connections are very important to Jaron Robinson Sr. He’s formed bonds with community members Dan Smith and Charon Thompson of Porter House KC and their team Miranda Schultz and Jahna Riley. In addition, he’s connected with Shai Perry for the KCKCC Art Gallery and several artists such as Jass R Couch, Adrian Maddox of AMADD Designs, and Ry. All of those mentioned have provided insight into the business concept. Over the next few years, Jaron hopes to cultivate Wine Colors Art + Sip in the Kansas City area before spreading it to neighboring communities. The end goal is to build the business into an opportunity for artists everywhere to showcase their talents on a large scale in creatively unconventional ways. A feat we’re sure he’ll accomplish with time. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Website: Wine Colors Art + Sip

Facebook: Wine Colors

Instagram: WineColorsKC

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