Zareenaah Cooper

When learning something new, most people are eager to share the wisdom they received. They do their part by conveying beneficial knowledge that is otherwise uncommon. 22-year-old Zareenaah “Zee” Cooper is an Esthetician from Kansas City, Kansas using her profession as an Esthetician to uplift and educate clientele. Prior to becoming licensed in August 2022, Zee was experiencing an unusual flare-up of acne, prompting her to begin a skin and self-care journey. She acquired tips from Black Estheticians with skin like hers, gaining a better understanding of skincare. This journey would find Zee on course to becoming an Esthetician herself, enthusiastic about sharing her newfound love for skin with those surrounding her. A hardship for Zee has been getting others to understand the importance of skin health and maintenance when many disregard it. Numerous people are unaware of the multiple services Estheticians offer, nor are they appreciative of them. Skin Analyst Estheticians attend school to learn how to perform services, the importance of a service, and what techniques to implement during a service. Although undervalued, skin care perhaps is one of the easiest ways to help others develop a new level of confidence.

“The importance of my career is to help people truly. When I was younger, I always said that I wanted to help people. At first I thought it was going to be through psychology but now it’s as an esthetician, but honestly I do feel like I am therapist sometimes so it worked out in the end! I listen to people talk about their skin and how it has affected them in different ways. Some people feel like they have always had really good skin or just wanted a set of lashes and they just need to have time to relax and self care, which I love to stress that everyone should do more often. I have people that want to learn how to manage their skin; which treatments to book with me, what products to use, what products I sell. My why is educating, undoing myths and setting straight products that do actually work and what they will do vs products that are gimmicks and make your skin worse.”

—Zareenah “Zee” Cooper

In addition to the services she offers, Zee has contemplated offering past services she has practiced like Body Contouring, and Brow Tinting & Lamination. She has also debated expanding her proficiencies to learning how to tattoo eyebrows. With endless possibilities, Zee could see herself becoming a Medical Esthetician offering Botox, Fillers, laser therapies, and more! In the future, Zee intends to work in a foreign resort as a Master Esthetician. Additionally, she plans on having a one-stop shop filled with Estheticians and Cosmetologists of all sorts offering countless services! “‘I knew that whatever I did in my life, it was always going to be in some way to help someone. If making someone feel beautiful by giving them new skin is the way to go, I think I succeeded in my goal.’- Thee Golden Estee.” With an evergrowing following, we’re sure to see Zee “Thee Golden Estee” educating and uplifting for years to come! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Website: Golden Esthetics

Facebook: Golden Esthetics

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