Xaviar Coleman

Watching your hobby blossom into something much more is often an exciting and enlightening experience. Like all things that blossom, proper nourishment and nurturing are essential for growth. 22-year-old Xaviar Coleman is a Fashion Designer out of Kansas City, Kansas. Beginning with learning how to sew and style his clothing in 2019, Xaviar ran a clothing brand momentarily as a hobby. It wasn’t until years later he decided to take Fashion more seriously and rebrand completely. Xaviar has been designing, creating, and shipping orders nationwide for five months. Self-doubt kept him from taking the initial step forward, and not knowing where to begin resulted in wasted years. Finally, Coleman took a leap of faith that would ultimately be one of the best decisions of his life. No matter how we start, starting is the important part. As his skills grew, so did his confidence in his craft and the image he was building as a Designer.

“It’s not always the fear of failure, sometimes it’s the fear of success that stops a person from being great.”

—Xaviar Coleman

Xaviar’s brand offers a unique blend of Streetwear feel with luxury undertones. He views his brand as not only clothing but a lifestyle. Through his escapades, Xaviar hopes to create a community filled with those who share his common interest through clothes, amongst other things. Through collaborations with local brands such as Linen Soul, Sinner.Us, and Star Sound Gallery, the groundwork for such a community has been laid. In the next couple of years, Xaviar Coleman will have his life revolving around his brand, living his dream life as a Designer.

Instagram: OverHaven.Club

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