Erika Upton

Trendy, bold, couturier, fashionista; no matter how you describe her, 20-year-old Erika Upton out of Kansas City, Kansas has a passion for fashion. Not many people can put an outfit together quite as well as she can, and it’s even rarer to see them pull it off as she does. Upton can couple together pieces with a certain precision due to her keen eye for fashion. Her outfits not only reflect her vibrant, likable personality but Upton’s surrounding atmosphere as well; coordinated perfectly based on location, time, and mood. For now, staying focused, happy, and bright are her goals. In time Erika will be moving to Chicago and getting closer to her dreams. Following this, she’ll be attending Columbia in pursuit of a degree in Fashion Merchandise & Design. She’s constantly working on starting and building her Modeling career whilst keeping a foot in the Fashion door. She thanks God for everything she’s been able to accomplish, hoping to spread that same love God’s given to her. As far as her community is concerned, she’s working towards better education, equal opportunity, and the connecting of her peers. Erika Upton wants everyone to prosper beginning with her; believing she can make it numerous ways in the Fashion industry and from her influence incite bonding and good nature within her community. “Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak.” Both a fashion and role model. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Bryce J. Taylor

You can call him weird, it’d only be a compliment to 22 year old Bryce J. Taylor out of Kansas City, Kansas. From the jump this young man has always found tranquility in photography, fashion, and of course, music. Bryce is an individual who stays true to himself, best characterized as a rebel who refuses to blend in with everyone else around him. Bryce Taylor says he sets himself apart through his peculiar fashion sense and his “stay in my own lane” attitude. Bryce has been making music for awhile now, telling us he began during his Sophomore year in high school six or seven years ago. He draws inspiration from eccentric musical artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Tyler the Creator, Kanye, and many more. Their influence can be easily heard on ALL of the young artists unique tracks. Whilst Taylor puts 110% percent into all of his songs, he takes an exceptionally large amount of pride in songs “Climb,” “Lonely boy,” and “We gon’ shyne.” These are songs Taylor states he put all his heart, energy, and creativity into writing. “Climb,” in short, is a song that exclaims Taylor will continuously reach for the top until it’s within his grasps. “Lonely boy” is a song that explores depression and the feelings that can come as a result of depression. It is a song many can relate to, reinforcing the idea that it’s okay not to be okay. “We gon’ shyne” is a freestyle that discusses Bryce’s life and how flashy or “shiny” he can be.  Surprisingly, Bryce J. Taylor is able to incorporate some of the same energy and emotions present in his songs within his photography. He started photography just a couple years after rapping during his Senior year. Bryce intends on being able to live peacefully though his production of music and photography. Through his own success he hopes to inspire those like him that they can be successful as well; our individuality makes us unique and we should utilize that. He creates for himself and anyone else who feels unappreciated or like they don’t get their due amount of props.  “‘Most young kings get their heads cut off.’ – Jean Michael Basquiat.” We’re hoping to hear more from Bryce J. Taylor. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Paige Rowan

Life is all about trying new things and having different experiences. 22-year-old Paige Rowan from Kansas City, Kansas was able to discover a new passion in Photography. Beginning in Late 2018, Paige initially bought her camera equipment in hopes of starting a YouTube channel but states that God had other plans for her. Unintentionally, she caught herself diving headfirst into photography; taking pictures of family and friends, signing up for workshops, researching various YouTube videos for hours on end expanding her knowledge on Photography, and what makes a good Photographer. At the time, growing as a Photographer became Rowan’s only focus without her even noticing! This transition wasn’t a breeze however, Paige dealt with her share of shortcomings like most Creators do. What if people complained about prices? What if people didn’t like the content she was putting out? What if people judged the fact she unexpectedly jumped into Photography? These were all thoughts that plagued Paige’s mind but even then she continued to progress. Soon enough, Paige Rowan realized that she found herself in her craft; she enjoyed being able to make someone feel beautiful and immortalizing that moment through her lens. Paige tells us that at this moment she became comfortable with putting herself and her work out into the world for all to see; that to reach good things in life, you’ll have to step outside of your comfort zone! Rowan accepted that her story was going to be different, saying that “What God has for you, is for you. Time does not play a part in that.” Seeing the fruits of her labor is what pushes Paige to become successful in her field; but even more so she enjoys being able to make someone feel beautiful, confident, and powerful. Recently, she’s been able to get ahold of better equipment so that she can produce higher quality content and improve her versatility. Utilization of props, photoshop, and 3D LUT color further broaden her repertoire as her expertise with these programs is shown vividly in every photo. Improving on the business side also, Rowan has a website under construction that will officially be launching in September! She’s made the booking process a lot smoother for clients with the intention that their shoots will be enjoyable and satisfactory. Paige Rowan is extremely invested in her growth as she draws support from her community of family and friends, claiming that it’s this support that keeps her going. A quote she left with us: “‘It doesn’t matter where you start, but where you end up.’ – My dad for many many years of my life.” Be sure to book a shoot with her, capture life in the moment. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Kendon McClaine II

Ever been told you aren’t able to do something simply because you’re “too young?” Kendon McClaine II has, and he has responded by doing everything they told him he couldn’t. This 17 year old out of Kansas City, Kansas is a multi musician, composer/arranger, and professional photographer. He started young, his skill growing as he has. His potential is endless, a true prodigy that’s able to play a large variety of instruments. Some of these instruments include; piano, tuba, saxophone, organ, drums, percussion, and much more! He’s drawn to full chords and funky rhythms one would typically find in RnB music. It is because of this that McClaine feels his culture has also helped him sway towards this sound. He layers chords together and arranges bits and pieces to create a sound meant for voices to sing over. His biggest influences in composing and arranging are Tyler, The Creator, PJ Morton, Isaac Cates, Quincy Jones, Cory Henry, and Shaun Martin. Kendon even conveys his love of music through the use of photography, often taking photos of his instruments in natural settings. McClaine wishes to expand his network, partnering with both models and fashion designers in his hometown of Wyandotte County to begin building a portfolio. Being the musician he is, Kendon hopes to start his own drum line for the youth, giving them a creative outlet. He states that as a young musician, sometimes you have to work ten times as hard to prove yourself to older musicians. Music and photography have always been vital to this young teens life despite what the critics may say. He pays them no mind, simply allowing his skills do the talking for him. “My dad told me ‘You don’t work, you don’t eat.’ Take that how you will.” Like Kendon, always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: kendonmcclaineii@gmail.con

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Chris Childs

Need some artwork done for you? Perhaps a little touch up on an old pair of shoes? 24 year old Chris Childs out of Kansas City, Kansas is the guy for you. He’s self taught in a variety of art forms, which is very noticeable in his work. Whenever he’s not out in the world vlogging, he’s at home “flexing and finessing” on a pair of shoes or some artwork. Painting and shoe customization isn’t all he’s able to do however; as of late he’s been working on the creation of an anime/manga and is beginning to take on fashion design as well. Other than his deeply rooted love for Dior, visiting Yves Saint Laurents house in Paris was what helped influence Childs’s decision despite him already having a knack for fashion. He is a man who finds interests in nearly everything, learning and using that knowledge to better himself. He’s done this by examining the day to day of other artists and applying bits and pieces to his own life. “Perspective is important,” he says. Through conversing with his influences, such as Charlamagne and Gary V, he’s been able to gain a better understanding of his “bigger picture” and what all it consists of. Chris is big on community involvement and intends on giving back to every community he’s ever identified as “home.” By being featured in showcases such as “RAW,” Childs has set his name in the stones of the community. He has had the opportunity to do shoes for Anderson Paak, Charlamagne, Riley Curry, and etc. Something tells us that the list will only continue to grow! Chris Childs intends to paint the picture how he sees fit, cause only he can. “Quality over Quantity, not just in art but in life,” a statement we couldn’t agree with more. To do business with him, follow his socials and DM him! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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