Jay Alchemist

Mastery of anything comes with consistent practice and constant hard work. 23-year-old Matthew Jean-Pierre, or “Jay Alchemist” out of Kansas City, Missouri has without a doubt put the time in over the last six years honing his skills as a Hip Hop artist and Songwriter. Starting his freshman year of high school, Jean-Pierre has developed his sound by trial and error; discovering what sounds relay his musical messages the best. Over the last six, almost seven years now Matthew has battled himself when it comes to finding inspiration and how to approach the world of music. Jean-Pierre recalls that one of his biggest pitfalls was being scammed out of thousands of dollars by makeshift music/talent organizations. However, even a loss of this magnitude wasn’t enough to keep this young virtuoso from moving closer to his dreams. With odds stacked against him, he credits his support system for keeping him going. This support system consists of his girlfriend first and foremost. An avid believer in God, his spirituality extends to Buddha and Durga as well. Jean-Pierre applies certain spiritual ideologies to his everyday life and music creation process. He’s an artist able to produce quality songs from different subgenres of Hip Hop whether it be conscious, trap-style, or even pop. Early influences for him include Nas, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Earl Sweatshirt, and Tyler the creator. In more recent years, he’s found his interest sway towards artists such as Frank Ocean, Drake, Cole, Kendrick, X, and Young Thug. With such a diverse crowd of musical role models, it’s easy to see the versatility that Jean-Pierre brings to the table of musical production. Beyond music, Jean-Pierre can draw influence from philosophers, existentialism, movies, both new and old generations of anime, human behavior, and just everyday life. Everyday life is an important observation for Matthew because he believes it’s important to witness the highest and lowest points of life; there are lessons on both sides of the spectrum. He wants his music to reach millions, saying that he hopes to find himself within his music while also helping the masses find themselves through it; every song is a vibe spread through many different emotions. The advice he’d share with others pursuing their dreams is to be themselves throughout the whole process. There will be a lot of experiences and influences you face that will seek to lead you astray from yourself and the path you’ve set; you cannot conform however, you must stay strong and true to self regardless of what anyone else thinks or feels. He feels that the endgame is everlasting euphoria in Nirvana and that making it to the end is all that truly matters. “I want to help you live in the moment, feel everything that life has to offer, and be as happy as possible, even when I’m low. Because life is beautiful, when in flames or when radiated.” If you haven’t heard the name before, expect to hear it in the future! Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: jeanpierre.matthew@gmail.com

Instagram: MetalSkin

SoundCloud: Jay Alchemist

Apple Music: Stream Here

Wava Dixon

Gifts, like flowers, require nourishment so that they may grow to the fullest of their potential. 23-year-old Graphic designer and Artist Wava Dixon out of Kansas City, Kansas certainly provided the required sustenance and consistency necessary to grow her talents; and because of so, they’ve been able to blossom beautifully. Along with increasing artistic ability, Dixon has been able to develop a creative eye which she prides herself on. Wava Dixon has been drawing/sketching all her life, her excitement for it growing during Middle School with her discovery of Anime. She credits a lot of things when it comes to finding inspiration, Anime is a big one; Wava finds excitement in drawing exaggerated faces and action poses. The creation of breathtaking floral designs provides a sense of peace for the artist hard at work. Dixon draws the most influence from strong, good-spirited people because they push Dixon to find her strengths and become the best possible version of herself she can be! In the past, she noticed that it was hard to come up with ideas that someone hasn’t already come up with. She quickly got over this way of thinking, saying that many artists are often influenced by someone who came before them. Wava began to draw whatever popped into her head without thinking twice, there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by something inspiring. Despite her being shy, Wava hopes to establish new friendships that will help lift her and vice versa. She continues to work on herself and her joy, often gaining support from her family and close friends because they allow Wava to practice using them as muses. Wava Dixon also wishes to be happy with all her past and future accomplishments; some of her latest being leaning procreate and Adobe. She enjoys watching people light up after she hands them a finished design; and it is one of the reasons she puts so much pride and quality into her content. Dixon wants to get her work trademarked soon, and with the talent she has, it’s understandable why! She’s launched an art and business website, both links will be provided below so please check out her astounding collection of designs! Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: atoowldesign@gmail.com

Instagram: WavaIrene

Instagram: Ato_Owl

Instagram: AtoOwlMoon

Designs: Āto Owl Design

Commissions: Āto Owl

Bryce J. Taylor

You can call him weird, it’d only be a compliment to 22 year old Bryce J. Taylor out of Kansas City, Kansas. From the jump this young man has always found tranquility in photography, fashion, and of course, music. Bryce is an individual who stays true to himself, best characterized as a rebel who refuses to blend in with everyone else around him. Bryce Taylor says he sets himself apart through his peculiar fashion sense and his “stay in my own lane” attitude. Bryce has been making music for awhile now, telling us he began during his Sophomore year in high school six or seven years ago. He draws inspiration from eccentric musical artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Tyler the Creator, Kanye, and many more. Their influence can be easily heard on ALL of the young artists unique tracks. Whilst Taylor puts 110% percent into all of his songs, he takes an exceptionally large amount of pride in songs “Climb,” “Lonely boy,” and “We gon’ shyne.” These are songs Taylor states he put all his heart, energy, and creativity into writing. “Climb,” in short, is a song that exclaims Taylor will continuously reach for the top until it’s within his grasps. “Lonely boy” is a song that explores depression and the feelings that can come as a result of depression. It is a song many can relate to, reinforcing the idea that it’s okay not to be okay. “We gon’ shyne” is a freestyle that discusses Bryce’s life and how flashy or “shiny” he can be.  Surprisingly, Bryce J. Taylor is able to incorporate some of the same energy and emotions present in his songs within his photography. He started photography just a couple years after rapping during his Senior year. Bryce intends on being able to live peacefully though his production of music and photography. Through his own success he hopes to inspire those like him that they can be successful as well; our individuality makes us unique and we should utilize that. He creates for himself and anyone else who feels unappreciated or like they don’t get their due amount of props.  “‘Most young kings get their heads cut off.’ – Jean Michael Basquiat.” We’re hoping to hear more from Bryce J. Taylor. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: brctaylor30@gmail.com

Facebook: Bryce J. Taylor

Instagram: FvckOffKeySlim 

Instagram: BryceTaylorPhotography

SoundCloud: Off Key $lim

Paige Rowan

Life is all about trying new things and having different experiences. 22-year-old Paige Rowan from Kansas City, Kansas was able to discover a new passion in Photography. Beginning in Late 2018, Paige initially bought her camera equipment in hopes of starting a YouTube channel but states that God had other plans for her. Unintentionally, she caught herself diving headfirst into photography; taking pictures of family and friends, signing up for workshops, researching various YouTube videos for hours on end expanding her knowledge on Photography, and what makes a good Photographer. At the time, growing as a Photographer became Rowan’s only focus without her even noticing! This transition wasn’t a breeze however, Paige dealt with her share of shortcomings like most Creators do. What if people complained about prices? What if people didn’t like the content she was putting out? What if people judged the fact she unexpectedly jumped into Photography? These were all thoughts that plagued Paige’s mind but even then she continued to progress. Soon enough, Paige Rowan realized that she found herself in her craft; she enjoyed being able to make someone feel beautiful and immortalizing that moment through her lens. Paige tells us that at this moment she became comfortable with putting herself and her work out into the world for all to see; that to reach good things in life, you’ll have to step outside of your comfort zone! Rowan accepted that her story was going to be different, saying that “What God has for you, is for you. Time does not play a part in that.” Seeing the fruits of her labor is what pushes Paige to become successful in her field; but even more so she enjoys being able to make someone feel beautiful, confident, and powerful. Recently, she’s been able to get ahold of better equipment so that she can produce higher quality content and improve her versatility. Utilization of props, photoshop, and 3D LUT color further broaden her repertoire as her expertise with these programs is shown vividly in every photo. Improving on the business side also, Rowan has a website under construction that will officially be launching in September! She’s made the booking process a lot smoother for clients with the intention that their shoots will be enjoyable and satisfactory. Paige Rowan is extremely invested in her growth as she draws support from her community of family and friends, claiming that it’s this support that keeps her going. A quote she left with us: “‘It doesn’t matter where you start, but where you end up.’ – My dad for many many years of my life.” Be sure to book a shoot with her, capture life in the moment. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: Campaige.way@gmail.com

Facebook: Campaige Photography

Instagram: Campaige Photography 

Nate Thomas 

Regardless of what you call him; Nate ThaGreat, Nate, or 808N8, 23-year-old Nate Thomas out of Kansas City, Kansas makes music in every aspect of the word. Being both a Producer and CoWriter, Thomas can fashion songs comprised of mesmerizing melodies, booming bass, and of course, lovable lyrics. In recent years, rather than creating music he’s focused on learning and honing his talent. Along with him studying music, Nate’s been learning how to become a phenomenal father to two bright young minds; molding them for the better. Nate Thomas hopes to work with upcoming recording artist and is already working towards that goal by assisting various Kansas City rappers/singers with their projects. Amongst this list are renowned KC artists such as Campaign Maka, Ceej, Jojo Ali, $an Kofa, etc. The difference in these artists further validates Thomas’s versatility when it comes to being able to produce; skilled in trap style beats, yet, able to switch it up completely and go conscious. Last spring, Nate released his first single “I Feel Fine” revealing to us that he can do more than just produce and co-write, but that he can perform as well. “I Feel Fine” is a song that explores relationships, mistakes, and becoming a better person due to learning from those mistakes. Nate discusses losing a relationship that meant a lot to him and how even though it may hurt, he’ll focus on the betterment of himself because it’s “your life to live,” and live is exactly what you should do. Although Hip-Hop is the main genre he creates for, Thomas ultimately intends on producing for other genres in addition to Hip-Hop. Let us reiterate once again; Nate Thomas is more than just a producer! Also a great networker, Thomas will work with you and create a bond whether you’re a Rapper, Singer, Producer, or an Engineer; it simply doesn’t matter. His sole purpose is to be the creative bridge between lyrics and sound. “I never want to be labeled as just a producer, I want to be a person that can make something from nothing with others so that others can enjoy.” Nate Thomas has been finding his sound and he’ll soon take the spotlight with “Going Rogue,” a project he currently has in the works that’ll give us a more in-depth look at who he truly is. When you hear the “Nate is able to call his own shots,” at the beginning of an instrumental, know it won’t be the last time you hear it. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: 808n8kc@gmail.com.

Facebook: Nate Thomas Jr. 

Instagram: 808.N8

Twitter: Rouge Nate

SoundCloud: 808N8

Braxton Parker 

Art is another way of saying what cannot be said. Braxton “Bpark” Parker is saying quite a bit when he creates his portraits. The 24 year old artist out of Kansas City, Kansas uses the things and people that inspire him most as muses. It’s almost as if the brush is an extension of him. Delicate strokes paired with vibrant colors result in breathtaking paintings that bewitch viewers. He’s not only cold on canvas however, he can take his work digital and excel in that area as well. Proficient in photoshop, he does commissions that would leave any customer or Art connoisseur satisfied. Parker aspires to inspire his fellow youth while promoting the idea of “Black Excellence” through his artwork and success. Another goal of his is to promote black creatives and demote the negativity against them, his lesson being that you don’t have to be a product of the community you’re raised in. He sees Black Art as very important and this is a statement we all agree to as well. Bpark believes that if you have a passion for something, it’ll be enough to fuel your hustle so that one day you can prosper. Braxton plans to build his foundation through creating art for his clients, eventually moving up to produce logos for major sport corporations. “With patience and positivity you will always find an alternative route past a challenging obstacle.” He’s certainly paving a way for himself and many others. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Facebook: Braxton Parker

Twitter: #ProveEmWrong

Instagram: Original.Visions

Email: parker.braxton57@gmail.com


Jay Spencer

Being able to write lyrics that are meaningful to not only yourself but to others as well is a gift. Combine that gift with the ability to express your lyrics through song and you can evoke emotions with every verse. What’s even more intriguing is being able to take those same emotions created through song and bring them to life on a pad. Jay Spencer is a 21-year-old Singer, Writer, Poet, and Artist from Kansas City, Kansas. She’s very passionate about her gifts, growing and honing them for the past ten years, and continuing to do so. Through her combo of singing and writing, she wants to relay the message that it’s okay to experience different things; whatever it is you’re going through. Jay says most of her music is intended for young adults, ages 18 to 25, as she’s motivated by what she sees her peers and herself go through. Spencer describes herself as helpful, someone who always seeks to comfort those she notices are down. She wants for her music to be helpful too; a way for Spencer to let those around her know that she sees them and hopes to help provide comfort for them. Some of her influences are Michael Jackson, Melanie Martinez, Jhene Aiko, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. Her music is smooth and caring, a mix of RnB and Neo-Soul. Songs like “Clouds” and “Sunshine” give off summer-nights-on-the-rooftop vibes with their synth chord progressions and full vocals. When she isn’t creating music, Jay is putting pencil to pad drawing her masterpieces. When it comes to drawing, she finds inspiration from her favorite anime, movies, and celebrities such as Chris Brown who she considers her biggest Artistic influence. Her process takes around two hours or so; an hour to sketch and then an hour to color. A quote she leaves us with is “It doesn’t matter who leaves your side 5/10/15 years from now, art never will. Always believe in your art.” Moving forward, Jay wishes to continue pushing music and visuals out, helping to heal people through her creations. Be on the lookout for her, and always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: juggs.blase@gmail.com

Facebook: Jay Spencer

SoundCloud: Harley Shakur

Kendon McClaine II

Ever been told you aren’t able to do something simply because you’re “too young?” Kendon McClaine II has, and he has responded by doing everything they told him he couldn’t. This 17 year old out of Kansas City, Kansas is a multi musician, composer/arranger, and professional photographer. He started young, his skill growing as he has. His potential is endless, a true prodigy that’s able to play a large variety of instruments. Some of these instruments include; piano, tuba, saxophone, organ, drums, percussion, and much more! He’s drawn to full chords and funky rhythms one would typically find in RnB music. It is because of this that McClaine feels his culture has also helped him sway towards this sound. He layers chords together and arranges bits and pieces to create a sound meant for voices to sing over. His biggest influences in composing and arranging are Tyler, The Creator, PJ Morton, Isaac Cates, Quincy Jones, Cory Henry, and Shaun Martin. Kendon even conveys his love of music through the use of photography, often taking photos of his instruments in natural settings. McClaine wishes to expand his network, partnering with both models and fashion designers in his hometown of Wyandotte County to begin building a portfolio. Being the musician he is, Kendon hopes to start his own drum line for the youth, giving them a creative outlet. He states that as a young musician, sometimes you have to work ten times as hard to prove yourself to older musicians. Music and photography have always been vital to this young teens life despite what the critics may say. He pays them no mind, simply allowing his skills do the talking for him. “My dad told me ‘You don’t work, you don’t eat.’ Take that how you will.” Like Kendon, always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: kendonmcclaineii@gmail.con

Facebook: Kendon McClaine II


Luxx Dwave

A lot of individuals don’t know exactly what they’re supposed to do in life and that’s understandable, life’s confusing to say the least. Others, on the other hand, know their calling. 21 year old Marlowe Underwood was born in Kansas City, Missouri and raised in Kansas City. Kansas. This rising star has been writing since the age of 10, even recording his first track in the sixth grade. While he’s been writing since the age of 10, he’s been preforming since 4.  Moving to Las Vegas has always been a dream of his, a dream he’s been living since last year. This transition has had a positive impact on Underwoods’ goals; the city radiates a certain energy that Marlowe feels he loves and that loves him back. On top of that, the Nevadan city is a great place for the aspiring creative with the many resources and exposure it provides. Marlowe believes this move to Las Vegas makes it easier for him to write what he’s seeing, and he does so vividly. “A lot of people get caught up in the lights of Sin City. I wanna take a step back and paint the picture for my fans honestly,” he tells us. Things have not always been positive though, Marlowe has experienced his share of adversity. Between instances of betrayal, losing friends to the system, and the many other challenges of life, it’s safe to say Underwood’s perseverance and determination has kept him afloat. While affected by these shortcomings, Marlowe sees them as nothing more than mere speed bumps on his road to success; never to be mistaken for an actual obstacle. Unlike others, who may yearn for riches and fame, Marlowe creates with the intent of bettering himself and those around him. He has goals; goals such as buying his mother a new house and putting his younger siblings through college. The diamond chains, watches, etc. are admittedly dazzling, but they’re no more than trophies in Marlowe eyes. He lets the fans better relate to him with his project “JUNE10TH,” entitled after his own birthdate. He says this tape is for his fans to understand him, his next being for fans to understand what he fights for. As far as projects are concerned, he’ll be dropping two more in 2020 with his next tape having zero features whatsoever. An impressive talent, we’ll continue to watch as Luxx Dwave climbs as a Recording Artist and Writer.  Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: Luxxdwave@gmail.com

Facebook: Luxx Dwave

SoundCloud: Luxx Dwave

JUNE10th: Stream Here

NeeCee Ogéne

Many in the city know her as the Wigologist, but pretty soon they’ll know her for much more! NeeCee is an 18 year old Hairstylist and Poet from Kansas City, Kansas. Recently, she’s created her own Cosmetic brand selling lip gloss and body shimmers. On the her site, attached below, she’s released a Summer collection consisting of seven new glosses and three new body shimmers; an excellent gift for any cosmetics lover! There’s a certain passion and skill that is apparent in her work, pairing that with an unfaltering resolve results in the creation of units anyone would be proud to wear. The way she’s able to weave together her creations can very much be described as poetry in motion; NeeCee’s proficient when it comes to maneuvering her needle with the utmost precision. She characterizes herself as a wild and unpredictable girl, truly a free spirit. Within her poetry, she aspires to invoke a sense of deeper thinking in the minds of her listeners by allowing them to comprehend her words and apply them to everyday life. Not all her topics represent something she’s experiencing or experienced, yet, NeeCee believes her ideals will reach someone who has been in such situations. She understands that individuality is a key component in us being unique, however, she also understands that as a whole we’ll benefit not only our generation, but generations to come. Ogéne hopes her work can one day help shift her community to a rebirth. Despite the negative perceptions her community may receive, we’d like to think they’re outweighed by positives. NeeCee Ogéne believes her city’s renaissance will occur as soon as people begin to work in unity rather than on their own.   “A quote my dad used to always tell me and that I now tell others is ‘Aim for the moon, so that even if you fall, you’ll fall among the stars.'” Be sure to follow her socials and contact her if interested in her services! Always move #CloserToYourDreams 

Email: Panamaeunice@gmail.com

Facebook: NeeCee Ogéne

Instagram: NeeCee The Wigologist

Ogéne Cosmetics: Shop Here