Trae Curry

Most refer to him as solely a Rapper, but 19 year old Trae Curry insists he’s much more than that. Coming from Wyandotte County in Kansas City, Kanas,  Curry has always been focused on bettering himself and his abilities as a Musician; he’s stated that he’s trained his ears very hard and continues to do so. He’s been writing since the age of 12, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he decided to take his craft to the next level. Trae says that the overall message he intends to send through his music is to “Stay true to who you are. Follow your dreams from a pure place and see where it takes you.” In regards to following your dreams, this sentiment from Curry is something we also believe to be true. Recently, Trae was able to drop his first official project “Work in Progress.” The project features 8 songs in total that we see as sort of a coming-of-age tale. In short, it’s a project that’s very relatable, especially for the adolescent listener. Trae Curry explores different scenarios and feelings I’m sure many of us experienced at some point in our teen years. To sum up his project, Trae states he wanted to create a work of art that expressed every side of him and his versatility. He followed up by saying that he wanted to create something that discussed real topics whilst maintaining a lit energy. Listeners are certainly able to see the range and versatility throughout his project. Curry is able to go from a song like “All Eyes on Me,” which has a trapesque sound to “Lose” which could be seen as pop. On songs “Missed Calls” and “Voicemail Freestyle,” Trae switches to a more thought-provoking sound as he discusses situations that require deeper attention. He draws influence from artist like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Frank Ocean; their influence is evident in his own, unique sound. “Strength is the resiliency of tough times, no one is strong without weakness. Overcoming the weaknesses make you a warrior.” Trae sees himself in the music industry within the next couple years either writing songs for himself or someone else. We look forward to seeing him at the top, but be sure to click the link to his album at the bottom! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Work in Progress: Stream Here

Montanaa Jay

Think of the word unique then take a look at Montanaa; she’s the embodiment of the word. Montanaa Jay is a 22 year old musical powerhouse out of Kansas City, Kansas. She doesn’t like being labeled as a rapper or singer, labeling herself as a “Music Maker.” Recently, she’s taken a liking to practicing visual arts as well, something she’s been doing for a couple months. Music is different, she’s been continuously working on music since she was 18. Montanaa states that she didn’t get serious about her craft until others began doubting her abilities, which at the time she had nothing to prove them wrong. She changed this quickly, using their underestimations as a driving force to show up and show out. She draws influence from musical artists such as Mama Badu, Doja Cat, and Jill Scott; the same ideas of self love they represent are present within her music. Through use of silky smooth vocals, she weaves together relatable lyrics over Neo-Soul beats that result in a song producing vibes comparable to those of artists such as SZA or NAO. We mention those two only to put her skills into perspective however; Jays music is too extraordinary to make a serious comparison to anyone but herself. To put it simply, the girl is a vibe! With her talent, she plans to create music catering to your aesthetics. We hear this while listening to all of Montanaa tracks, but, we do intend to name a few. Listening to songs such as “dnd,” “n o m o r e,” “wait,” and “distracted” made it feel as though we were floating, resting on clouds formed by Jays outstanding sound paired with engaging lyrics. Topics can be anything such as emotion, intimacy, or simply boredom. Different topics reach different people, which is why Montanaa encourages everyone listen to her music. “Anyone can listen, send it to ya’ granny.” In her words, her dream is to “spread words of knowledge and nonsense like jelly,” the world being her bread. Her message to everyone is that it’s okay to be yourself, it’s okay to do what you want. If someone labels you emotional, it’s okay; if someone thinks you’re nasty, it’s okay. What matters most is that you’re true to yourself by being yourself. She continues to work with other prominent artist in her community, saying that she doesn’t know where she’ll land, but that success is definitely headed her way. The quote she leaves us with is “D.O.T.S.” — Kenny Beats. Give Montanaa Jay a listen, you won’t be disappointed. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Instagram: Montanaa.jay

Soundcloud: Montanaa Jay

Chris Childs

Need some artwork done for you? Perhaps a little touch up on an old pair of shoes? 24 year old Chris Childs out of Kansas City, Kansas is the guy for you. He’s self taught in a variety of art forms, which is very noticeable in his work. Whenever he’s not out in the world vlogging, he’s at home “flexing and finessing” on a pair of shoes or some artwork. Painting and shoe customization isn’t all he’s able to do however; as of late he’s been working on the creation of an anime/manga and is beginning to take on fashion design as well. Other than his deeply rooted love for Dior, visiting Yves Saint Laurents house in Paris was what helped influence Childs’s decision despite him already having a knack for fashion. He is a man who finds interests in nearly everything, learning and using that knowledge to better himself. He’s done this by examining the day to day of other artists and applying bits and pieces to his own life. “Perspective is important,” he says. Through conversing with his influences, such as Charlamagne and Gary V, he’s been able to gain a better understanding of his “bigger picture” and what all it consists of. Chris is big on community involvement and intends on giving back to every community he’s ever identified as “home.” By being featured in showcases such as “RAW,” Childs has set his name in the stones of the community. He has had the opportunity to do shoes for Anderson Paak, Charlamagne, Riley Curry, and etc. Something tells us that the list will only continue to grow! Chris Childs intends to paint the picture how he sees fit, cause only he can. “Quality over Quantity, not just in art but in life,” a statement we couldn’t agree with more. To do business with him, follow his socials and DM him! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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