Kynnedy Moore

Creativity comes in many ways; artistry, singing, dancing, videography, etc. Imagine being able to utilize all of those differentiating talents and excelling in each one. 19-year-old Kynnedy Moore out of Edmond, Oklahoma can go beyond that. Best describing herself as a “multipotentialite,” Moore pursues different creative paths in singing, dancing, and multimedia art including digital art, drawing, painting, and videography. She’s been developing the majority of her talents in her early childhood, beginning to sing and dance in her church around the age of four. Art has always been something she’s dabbled in since first grade, practicing in her writing and art journals. Moore’s interest in digital art started in 2017 as a hobby turned side hustle when others asked her to do commissions for custom art pieces, One of the biggest developing factors for her talents has been church because it’s allowed her to expand her confidence. A negative Kynnedy face is that with so many different talents, it’s hard to focus on just one project at a time. She’s found ways to combine these talents; creating a website and making her clothing, artwork, and other crafts available to consumers from all around. Through target marketing on social media, Kynnedy has increased her marketability substantially. Through her artwork, she enjoys capturing black men and women and feels as if they’re art in it’s of purest of forms. She likes to throw in her twists and elements on her projects; doing things like sealing digital art in resin on canvas or hanging an actual synthetic ponytail off of a painted canvas. Kynnedy Moore has found influence in both her mother and within herself. When it comes to her music, viewing her mother perform in the church has allowed her to critique her music so that she can perform at peak ability. As far as art goes, Kynnedy’s young imagination allowed her to see and piece together different components other kids were simply not able to at the time. She continues to remain unique with her creative mindset and constantly sets herself apart. Identifying her supporters as blessings; her family, friends, and boyfriend have pushed her in terms of her artwork, clothing, and advertisement. They steadily pour into her and her talents whenever she feels low and reminds Kynnedy who she is and her capabilities as a multipotentialite. Her main goal is to employ her talents to bless and inspire others to discover their own. Moore doesn’t see her talents as something that came from her but only God as he has and always does give her new ways to express herself while giving him the glory. “I fully express myself through my talents, regardless of if you like them, what you think of them, if you know about it or if you don’t. It allows people to think, ‘Okay, I see what she is doing. I may not understand it, but maybe I want to learn about it.'” Expect to see Moore of Kynnedy. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

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Alexandra Morgan

Expressing yourself can come through several things, and 23 year old Alexandra Morgan out of Kansas City, Kansas chooses to express herself through her Illustrations and Graphic design. She’s been taking up both talents for a while, developing her Illustration for around 4-5 years, and sharpening her Graphic design for 2-3 years. Morgan states that she took an interest in these skills because they allow her to add her own creative spin onto things. Morgan’s biggest challenge is understanding that when you grow as a creative, you’re going to experience bumps in the road but it’s always important to learn from these growing pains because they add character to you and your work. She often begins with a light sketch before moving on the her final draft. Alexandra takes pride in her work and uses precision to bolden lines and provide the right shades for whatever project she’s working on. She’ll tweak the final draft until it feels right and then runs it through programs such as Photoshop, Procreate, and occasionally Adobe draw. She draws influences by other creators, she shows great admiration for others work and often tends to get ideas from other Illustrators and Designers. The story Alexandra tells in each design is different depending on what the purpose of the design is, yet she’ll leave a piece of her in every one of her creations. In the next couple of years, Alexandra Morgan envisions herself creating and running her own design company while expanding on her products and services. She truly finds enjoyment in what she does and will continue to pour into her craft no matter the circumstances. Look towards her for all your Design and Illustration needs! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Ty’Shia Adams

Whether it’s a pencil, brush, or even a digital drawing tablet, 22-year-old Ty’Shia Adams out of Kansas City, Kansas can produce spectacular creations. Her artistic roots run deep within her family, and Ty’Shia recalls starting her artistic career much like other kids; doodling all over walls with markers, pens, and crayons. From this point, Ty’Shia would begin making her own comics and characters, being seen with a sketch pad wherever she’d go. She always made sure to have her fingers in motion, even doing impromptu drawings for her friends. Starting as a pencil and pen artist, she’s been able to cultivate her skills and expand to painting, sculptures, and as of 2016, she’s been working on perfecting her art digitally. Adams has certainly overcome some sizable hardships from the beginning of her art career. Being born blind in her left eye, she’s always feared losing her sight. Even more than that, she’s feared possibly losing her artistic ability due to her deteriorating vision. Persistent, however, Ty’Shia finds positives within her disability. One she recognized pretty quickly was that she has a heightened attention to detail; being able to see little details others wouldn’t catch from afar. Influential artists such as Ernie Barnes, Kadir Nelson, Frida Kahlo, and animator Ralph Bakshi have inspired Adams to draw from her life experiences while adding a surrealistic twist to her works. Besides these artists mentioned, Adams can find inspiration and influence from anyone she comes in contact with. She’s certainly been inspired by her support system of family and close friends; even random strangers have shown their support for her artwork because it’s just that good! Currently, Ty’Shia Adams is working on a number of collaborative projects, one being a lead designer for her sister’s California based clothing line. She’s also been able to complete album cover art for artists in Texas. Ty’Shia states that as long as she has her passion, she’ll be able to go as far as she pleases and we couldn’t agree more. “Being an artist is probably the most frustrating job ever. We seek perfection in an imperfect world as imperfect people.” We certainly see perfection in her artwork even if she doesn’t, Ty’Shia Adams is a generational talent. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Alexander Garvin

A lot of artists can use several styles and techniques to create quality content, but very few are gifted with the touch to breathe life into their creations; Alexander Garvin is amongst those few. The 25-year-old out of Kansas City, Kansas specializes in 2D, 3D, and traditional art. Garvin states that growing up he always had an interest in art with an emphasis on pencil drawings. Early inspirations, such as DragonBall Z propelled this interest with Garvin constantly drawing characters like Goten until he got it perfect to his standards. Trial and error pushed his determination and it was at this time he’d proclaim to his mother that Art is what he plans to do for the rest of his life; at the time he was seven. In 5th grade his skills would only improve, Alexander winning many drawing contests plus being told by teachers he has a talent that is unmatched by any of his classmates. It was also around this time he’d start drawing from his imagination just as much as he did from other influences. DragonBall Z was his first love when it came to references for drawing, but soon he’d venture out to Naruto, Marvel, and DC comics. In high school, he would drop the use of references and draw completely from his imagination and experiences. After taking a break to focus on basketball, he gave up the sport for the chance to attend an all Art school where he met an amazing 3D artist named Rafael Grasseti, the Lead Character Artist at Santa Monica Studios for God of War. The most current influential 2D artist he’s come across is Atey Ghailan. When it comes to the process of designing, Alexander begins with research. For 2D digital art, he’ll create a sketch on a pad before taking a picture then uploading it to Photoshop. From this point he’ll see what color scheme works best for the scene; he’ll refer back to knowledge on color theory. Once he determines the best possible color scheme, he’ll move on to complete the piece. With 3D art, he’ll have to reference anatomy to digitally sculpt and model the characters after concepts of his choosing. From there he’ll make the models “game ready” meaning simplifying the geometry within its makeup by texturing them. He experiences hardship with almost every piece when it comes to execution. In the early stages, he has to convince himself that his initial concept will work out before being fully fleshed out. For 2D, the colors have to work the way he wants; the ideas have to work together and the message he hopes to convey through his art has to be clear. When it comes to 3D, he states that he “simply needs to master the craft to the point it becomes second nature.” Having played basketball for a couple of years in college, he always references that time when dealing with adversity. Using everything he’s learned from that experience to push through. He believes we all have the necessary tools, it’s just a matter of using them to sharpen our skills to the best of our abilities. His biggest goal for the future is to start his own entertainment company with a stature comparable to that of Sony or Marvel. He’s already reached his goal of being in the professional art industry and is now looking to specialize in 3D character animation which happens to be the hardest career path. “You have to do what you can’t so you can do what you couldn’t — that’s the essence of growth.” Growing with every stroke of his pencil, Alexander Garvin is heading towards the top of the design world. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Zackaria Clay

Artistry can be conveyed through a multitude of ways. Some artists keep things traditional by sticking to their canvas whilst others may get a little technological by using digital sketch pads and other graphic design programs. However, artists such as 18-year-old Zackaria Clay out of Kansas City, Missouri take it a step further by choosing to create her masterpieces on skin. CEO and Creative Designer of Gorgeous K company, Clay has made strides to build her company from the ground up focusing on Makeup Artistry and Clothing Design. While Zackaria has been working in these industries for four years, her company has only existed for three; but it’s been a very fruitful three years for her. Her passion has always stemmed from wanting to change these industries by using expression and inclusion with her work; wanting people to feel good not only inside but outside as well as a top priority of hers she progressed towards with her products and clothing. Zackaria Clay takes her work very seriously, working on every customer differently than the last. When asked about her process she responded “The main attraction is the face and the makeup is an important piece when it comes to what you wear. From a natural beat to a night out the eyeshadow and the highlight are big components. For a natural makeup look, light and nude colors are essential making sure it will all blend in with the natural color of the client. When it comes to a full face night out clients look for something to pop out.” She understands that people have differentiating facial structures; it is of the utmost importance to bring these unique facial attributes out in each makeup look she completes. Due to her brand being newer, it’s been difficult for her to get consumers to trust her products; those who do are never disappointed, might we add. Her company produces high-quality products fashioned from all-natural ingredients that make them safe to use for everyone! Gorgeous K was built on the foundation of supplying customers with the best products/ingredients to become truly inclusive to all. After obtaining her associate degree in Fashion, Zackaria plans on furthering her education and expanding her company through the production of an extensive collection of cosmetics and clothing lines. From there, she plans on eventually being able to host wide-scale fashion shows; and in addition to this, Clay says the employment of people with similar interests and drive within her company is important because she wants to see everyone express themselves just as she has. “Our motto is ‘to BeU Gorgeous’ in everything you do.” She’s certainly on the right track to becoming a young mogul.


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Wava Dixon

Gifts, like flowers, require nourishment so that they may grow to the fullest of their potential. 23-year-old Graphic designer and Artist Wava Dixon out of Kansas City, Kansas certainly provided the required sustenance and consistency necessary to grow her talents; and because of so, they’ve been able to blossom beautifully. Along with increasing artistic ability, Dixon has been able to develop a creative eye which she prides herself on. Wava Dixon has been drawing/sketching all her life, her excitement for it growing during Middle School with her discovery of Anime. She credits a lot of things when it comes to finding inspiration, Anime is a big one; Wava finds excitement in drawing exaggerated faces and action poses. The creation of breathtaking floral designs provides a sense of peace for the artist hard at work. Dixon draws the most influence from strong, good-spirited people because they push Dixon to find her strengths and become the best possible version of herself she can be! In the past, she noticed that it was hard to come up with ideas that someone hasn’t already come up with. She quickly got over this way of thinking, saying that many artists are often influenced by someone who came before them. Wava began to draw whatever popped into her head without thinking twice, there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by something inspiring. Despite her being shy, Wava hopes to establish new friendships that will help lift her and vice versa. She continues to work on herself and her joy, often gaining support from her family and close friends because they allow Wava to practice using them as muses. Wava Dixon also wishes to be happy with all her past and future accomplishments; some of her latest being leaning procreate and Adobe. She enjoys watching people light up after she hands them a finished design; and it is one of the reasons she puts so much pride and quality into her content. Dixon wants to get her work trademarked soon, and with the talent she has, it’s understandable why! She’s launched an art and business website, both links will be provided below so please check out her astounding collection of designs! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Braxton Parker 

Art is another way of saying what cannot be said. Braxton “Bpark” Parker is saying quite a bit when he creates his portraits. The 24 year old artist out of Kansas City, Kansas uses the things and people that inspire him most as muses. It’s almost as if the brush is an extension of him. Delicate strokes paired with vibrant colors result in breathtaking paintings that bewitch viewers. He’s not only cold on canvas however, he can take his work digital and excel in that area as well. Proficient in photoshop, he does commissions that would leave any customer or Art connoisseur satisfied. Parker aspires to inspire his fellow youth while promoting the idea of “Black Excellence” through his artwork and success. Another goal of his is to promote black creatives and demote the negativity against them, his lesson being that you don’t have to be a product of the community you’re raised in. He sees Black Art as very important and this is a statement we all agree to as well. Bpark believes that if you have a passion for something, it’ll be enough to fuel your hustle so that one day you can prosper. Braxton plans to build his foundation through creating art for his clients, eventually moving up to produce logos for major sport corporations. “With patience and positivity you will always find an alternative route past a challenging obstacle.” He’s certainly paving a way for himself and many others. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

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Jay Spencer

Being able to write lyrics that are meaningful to not only yourself but to others as well is a gift. Combine that gift with the ability to express your lyrics through song and you can evoke emotions with every verse. What’s even more intriguing is being able to take those same emotions created through song and bring them to life on a pad. Jay Spencer is a 21-year-old Singer, Writer, Poet, and Artist from Kansas City, Kansas. She’s very passionate about her gifts, growing and honing them for the past ten years, and continuing to do so. Through her combo of singing and writing, she wants to relay the message that it’s okay to experience different things; whatever it is you’re going through. Jay says most of her music is intended for young adults, ages 18 to 25, as she’s motivated by what she sees her peers and herself go through. Spencer describes herself as helpful, someone who always seeks to comfort those she notices are down. She wants for her music to be helpful too; a way for Spencer to let those around her know that she sees them and hopes to help provide comfort for them. Some of her influences are Michael Jackson, Melanie Martinez, Jhene Aiko, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. Her music is smooth and caring, a mix of RnB and Neo-Soul. Songs like “Clouds” and “Sunshine” give off summer-nights-on-the-rooftop vibes with their synth chord progressions and full vocals. When she isn’t creating music, Jay is putting pencil to pad drawing her masterpieces. When it comes to drawing, she finds inspiration from her favorite anime, movies, and celebrities such as Chris Brown who she considers her biggest Artistic influence. Her process takes around two hours or so; an hour to sketch and then an hour to color. A quote she leaves us with is “It doesn’t matter who leaves your side 5/10/15 years from now, art never will. Always believe in your art.” Moving forward, Jay wishes to continue pushing music and visuals out, helping to heal people through her creations. Be on the lookout for her, and always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Chris Childs

Need some artwork done for you? Perhaps a little touch up on an old pair of shoes? 24 year old Chris Childs out of Kansas City, Kansas is the guy for you. He’s self taught in a variety of art forms, which is very noticeable in his work. Whenever he’s not out in the world vlogging, he’s at home “flexing and finessing” on a pair of shoes or some artwork. Painting and shoe customization isn’t all he’s able to do however; as of late he’s been working on the creation of an anime/manga and is beginning to take on fashion design as well. Other than his deeply rooted love for Dior, visiting Yves Saint Laurents house in Paris was what helped influence Childs’s decision despite him already having a knack for fashion. He is a man who finds interests in nearly everything, learning and using that knowledge to better himself. He’s done this by examining the day to day of other artists and applying bits and pieces to his own life. “Perspective is important,” he says. Through conversing with his influences, such as Charlamagne and Gary V, he’s been able to gain a better understanding of his “bigger picture” and what all it consists of. Chris is big on community involvement and intends on giving back to every community he’s ever identified as “home.” By being featured in showcases such as “RAW,” Childs has set his name in the stones of the community. He has had the opportunity to do shoes for Anderson Paak, Charlamagne, Riley Curry, and etc. Something tells us that the list will only continue to grow! Chris Childs intends to paint the picture how he sees fit, cause only he can. “Quality over Quantity, not just in art but in life,” a statement we couldn’t agree with more. To do business with him, follow his socials and DM him! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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