Alexandra Morgan

Expressing yourself can come through several things, and 23 year old Alexandra Morgan out of Kansas City, Kansas chooses to express herself through her Illustrations and Graphic design. She’s been taking up both talents for a while, developing her Illustration for around 4-5 years, and sharpening her Graphic design for 2-3 years. Morgan states that she took an interest in these skills because they allow her to add her own creative spin onto things. Morgan’s biggest challenge is understanding that when you grow as a creative, you’re going to experience bumps in the road but it’s always important to learn from these growing pains because they add character to you and your work. She often begins with a light sketch before moving on the her final draft. Alexandra takes pride in her work and uses precision to bolden lines and provide the right shades for whatever project she’s working on. She’ll tweak the final draft until it feels right and then runs it through programs such as Photoshop, Procreate, and occasionally Adobe draw. She draws influences by other creators, she shows great admiration for others work and often tends to get ideas from other Illustrators and Designers. The story Alexandra tells in each design is different depending on what the purpose of the design is, yet she’ll leave a piece of her in every one of her creations. In the next couple of years, Alexandra Morgan envisions herself creating and running her own design company while expanding on her products and services. She truly finds enjoyment in what she does and will continue to pour into her craft no matter the circumstances. Look towards her for all your Design and Illustration needs! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Wava Dixon

Gifts, like flowers, require nourishment so that they may grow to the fullest of their potential. 23-year-old Graphic designer and Artist Wava Dixon out of Kansas City, Kansas certainly provided the required sustenance and consistency necessary to grow her talents; and because of so, they’ve been able to blossom beautifully. Along with increasing artistic ability, Dixon has been able to develop a creative eye which she prides herself on. Wava Dixon has been drawing/sketching all her life, her excitement for it growing during Middle School with her discovery of Anime. She credits a lot of things when it comes to finding inspiration, Anime is a big one; Wava finds excitement in drawing exaggerated faces and action poses. The creation of breathtaking floral designs provides a sense of peace for the artist hard at work. Dixon draws the most influence from strong, good-spirited people because they push Dixon to find her strengths and become the best possible version of herself she can be! In the past, she noticed that it was hard to come up with ideas that someone hasn’t already come up with. She quickly got over this way of thinking, saying that many artists are often influenced by someone who came before them. Wava began to draw whatever popped into her head without thinking twice, there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by something inspiring. Despite her being shy, Wava hopes to establish new friendships that will help lift her and vice versa. She continues to work on herself and her joy, often gaining support from her family and close friends because they allow Wava to practice using them as muses. Wava Dixon also wishes to be happy with all her past and future accomplishments; some of her latest being leaning procreate and Adobe. She enjoys watching people light up after she hands them a finished design; and it is one of the reasons she puts so much pride and quality into her content. Dixon wants to get her work trademarked soon, and with the talent she has, it’s understandable why! She’s launched an art and business website, both links will be provided below so please check out her astounding collection of designs! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Braxton Parker 

Art is another way of saying what cannot be said. Braxton “Bpark” Parker is saying quite a bit when he creates his portraits. The 24 year old artist out of Kansas City, Kansas uses the things and people that inspire him most as muses. It’s almost as if the brush is an extension of him. Delicate strokes paired with vibrant colors result in breathtaking paintings that bewitch viewers. He’s not only cold on canvas however, he can take his work digital and excel in that area as well. Proficient in photoshop, he does commissions that would leave any customer or Art connoisseur satisfied. Parker aspires to inspire his fellow youth while promoting the idea of “Black Excellence” through his artwork and success. Another goal of his is to promote black creatives and demote the negativity against them, his lesson being that you don’t have to be a product of the community you’re raised in. He sees Black Art as very important and this is a statement we all agree to as well. Bpark believes that if you have a passion for something, it’ll be enough to fuel your hustle so that one day you can prosper. Braxton plans to build his foundation through creating art for his clients, eventually moving up to produce logos for major sport corporations. “With patience and positivity you will always find an alternative route past a challenging obstacle.” He’s certainly paving a way for himself and many others. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

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