Rhajaé Carroll

Living in the moment is especially important when making memories with family and friends. With everyone socializing, it’s nice to have a professional commemorating it all behind a camera. 27-year-old Rhajaé Carroll is a Photographer from Kansas City, Kansas. Owner of Q & Jaé Visuals, she specializes in Wedding and Lifestyle photography. She’s been a photographer for five years, graduating with a Film & Media degree in 2018 from the University of Kansas. Originally planning to be a Filmmaker, Rhajaé knew she wouldn’t be running anyone’s movie set anytime soon. Instead, with the help of her husband, she decided to start a photography business. The transition from photography being just a weekend hustle to a full-blown business venture was hard at first and very expensive. Rhajaé can recall their first camera being an incredibly cheap Fuji Film camera from Walmart. As she states, everyone has to start somewhere, and that statement doesn’t only apply to equipment. She has put in the time and effort to learn how to market herself as a business professional. 

“I remember how nervous I used to feel when meeting with potential clients, literally rehearsing my pitch in the car. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome and under-selling myself because of it. Now everything is second nature to me. I run my business with the utmost confidence because I’ve been at the very bottom and know where I want to go and have taken the steps to ensure I’m delivering my best to clients. One day you’ll look back and realize the long nights and failed attempts were the journey everyone talks about. The beginning is just that, a start. You can’t get where you’re going until you do.”

—Rhajaé Carroll

Rhajaé credits her husband Quincy for a lot of her confidence. Even when they were broke college students, Quincy firmly believed that his wife would be a capable photographer and business owner. Following her disastrous first wedding shoot, Rhajaé was ready to call it quits. Quincy nudged her back on track, not letting her give up and providing much-needed words of affirmation. She’ll be forever grateful and appreciative that Quincy kept enough faith for the both of them. Never striving for “perfection,” Rhajaé is always looking to learn from community members in her profession. She connected with a Boudoir Photographer who makes $80k a year operating solely on weekends. The lady was very accepting of her questions and willing to provide numerous tips. Rhajaé has applied the advice to her business with positive outcomes. She was granted the opportunity to speak on an Alumna panel for her alma mater, Sumner Academy. Being able to aid in the molding and inspiring of young minds of students was a full-circle moment for her. Rhajaé sets herself apart as a photographer through her authenticity. She describes her approach as documentary style with a “boho chic” flair. The goal is to capture events as “true to day” as possible. For the new year, Rhajaé Carroll plans to increase her evergrowing presence where she lives. She’ll utilize every resource at her disposal starting with her own home. The significant space and sunshine provide an excellent atmosphere for homestyle photography and small studio sessions. We’re excited to see more from her, and expect nothing but greatness from Q & Jaé Visuals. Always move #CloserToYourDreams. 

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