Mech Jewelz

When your situation seems bleak, it’s reassuring to know that you can always rely on your talents to uplift you. 30-year-old Demetrius Love, better known as Mech Jewelz, is an Artist, Songwriter, Producer, and Graphic Designer born in Chicago and raised in Kansas City. He’s been practicing his talents for 15 years, beginning in 2008. Heavily wrapped in the street life prior, Mech noticed such a tumultuous lifestyle heavily wearing down his mental health and overall quality of life. He could always find an escape from reality through his talents, however, and combined with counseling and self-improvement, he’d become a better version of himself. Jewelz’s process includes taking real-life experiences from him and those around him and reiterating them as positive knowledge for the youth. With his brand named JewelDropperZ Ent, a play on the phrase “Dropping jewels,” it makes complete sense he wishes to share knowledge through his many different outlets. Mech understands how influential music is and how important it is for that influence to be used beneficially. He’s collaborated with artists all over, a few being T-Rell, DerroOnTheBeat, Contrell, the rap group UpNext, and Chicago artist TaeIsreal. Mech also has something in the works with Berner’s artist Smiggz. He wishes to work with Eelmatic, Chey Dolla from Akron, Tiggz, Wadi, and especially more Female Vocalists from KC.

“Let your love change the world, don’t let it break your heart. Hard times should never alternate us from being stars, because only in the darkness you can see the stars.”

—Mech Jewelz

Having moved around a couple of times, Mech Jewelz has found success wherever he’s traveled. He’s worked in Chicago, Texas, Kansas City, and Atlanta forming bonds with prodigious artists within those communities. In the near future, he sees himself charting on iTunes. Despite how hard the journey may be, Jewelz believes that sticking to his code and preaching positivity will bring a positive outcome.


Instagram: Mech Jewelz

Apple Music: Click Here

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