Dimitrius Davis

Being able to take your talent and create a livable income off of it is a feat frequently overlooked. 27-year-old Dimitrius Davis is a Tattoo Artist from Kansas City, Kansas. He’s been practicing Tattooing for two years, growing his craft from a mere hobby into a fully-fledged passion. Starting with a singular client and a cheap tattoo gun found on Amazon, he’d see clientele grow from family to friends to referrals from all over the city. After losing his mother and with his father being in jail, Dimitrius channels his energy into doing things the right way and utilizing Tattooing as an outlet for past unhealed trauma. When it comes to style, Dimitrius is capable of various techniques such as Color, Black/Grey, Realism, and more.

“The tattooing community is like a family for the most part. It’s a lot of talent, a lot of new upcoming artist. The tattoo artist I have collaborated with so far are Drelamont, Izzi ink, Lee major and my mentor Marcus.”

—Dimitrius Davis

Dimitrius’s work is set apart from others because he believes in building professional client relationships. He gives out quality work at affordable pricing while also giving back to his community. Customer comfortability and retention are of the utmost importance for Davis. In the near future, Dimitrius intends to attend seminars to develop into a more well-rounded artist. Following this, he hopes to travel and collab with Tattoo Artists near and far! Like tattoos, his presence as an artist is permanent and we expect to see more from Dimitirius Davis! Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: dimitriusdavis17@yahoo.com

Website: Book Here

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