Kynnedy Moore

Creativity comes in many ways; artistry, singing, dancing, videography, etc. Imagine being able to utilize all of those differentiating talents and excelling in each one. 19-year-old Kynnedy Moore out of Edmond, Oklahoma can go beyond that. Best describing herself as a “multipotentialite,” Moore pursues different creative paths in singing, dancing, and multimedia art including digital art, drawing, painting, and videography. She’s been developing the majority of her talents in her early childhood, beginning to sing and dance in her church around the age of four. Art has always been something she’s dabbled in since first grade, practicing in her writing and art journals. Moore’s interest in digital art started in 2017 as a hobby turned side hustle when others asked her to do commissions for custom art pieces, One of the biggest developing factors for her talents has been church because it’s allowed her to expand her confidence. A negative Kynnedy face is that with so many different talents, it’s hard to focus on just one project at a time. She’s found ways to combine these talents; creating a website and making her clothing, artwork, and other crafts available to consumers from all around. Through target marketing on social media, Kynnedy has increased her marketability substantially. Through her artwork, she enjoys capturing black men and women and feels as if they’re art in it’s of purest of forms. She likes to throw in her twists and elements on her projects; doing things like sealing digital art in resin on canvas or hanging an actual synthetic ponytail off of a painted canvas. Kynnedy Moore has found influence in both her mother and within herself. When it comes to her music, viewing her mother perform in the church has allowed her to critique her music so that she can perform at peak ability. As far as art goes, Kynnedy’s young imagination allowed her to see and piece together different components other kids were simply not able to at the time. She continues to remain unique with her creative mindset and constantly sets herself apart. Identifying her supporters as blessings; her family, friends, and boyfriend have pushed her in terms of her artwork, clothing, and advertisement. They steadily pour into her and her talents whenever she feels low and reminds Kynnedy who she is and her capabilities as a multipotentialite. Her main goal is to employ her talents to bless and inspire others to discover their own. Moore doesn’t see her talents as something that came from her but only God as he has and always does give her new ways to express herself while giving him the glory. “I fully express myself through my talents, regardless of if you like them, what you think of them, if you know about it or if you don’t. It allows people to think, ‘Okay, I see what she is doing. I may not understand it, but maybe I want to learn about it.'” Expect to see Moore of Kynnedy. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

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Alexandra Morgan

Expressing yourself can come through several things, and 23 year old Alexandra Morgan out of Kansas City, Kansas chooses to express herself through her Illustrations and Graphic design. She’s been taking up both talents for a while, developing her Illustration for around 4-5 years, and sharpening her Graphic design for 2-3 years. Morgan states that she took an interest in these skills because they allow her to add her own creative spin onto things. Morgan’s biggest challenge is understanding that when you grow as a creative, you’re going to experience bumps in the road but it’s always important to learn from these growing pains because they add character to you and your work. She often begins with a light sketch before moving on the her final draft. Alexandra takes pride in her work and uses precision to bolden lines and provide the right shades for whatever project she’s working on. She’ll tweak the final draft until it feels right and then runs it through programs such as Photoshop, Procreate, and occasionally Adobe draw. She draws influences by other creators, she shows great admiration for others work and often tends to get ideas from other Illustrators and Designers. The story Alexandra tells in each design is different depending on what the purpose of the design is, yet she’ll leave a piece of her in every one of her creations. In the next couple of years, Alexandra Morgan envisions herself creating and running her own design company while expanding on her products and services. She truly finds enjoyment in what she does and will continue to pour into her craft no matter the circumstances. Look towards her for all your Design and Illustration needs! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Ty’Shia Adams

Whether it’s a pencil, brush, or even a digital drawing tablet, 22-year-old Ty’Shia Adams out of Kansas City, Kansas can produce spectacular creations. Her artistic roots run deep within her family, and Ty’Shia recalls starting her artistic career much like other kids; doodling all over walls with markers, pens, and crayons. From this point, Ty’Shia would begin making her own comics and characters, being seen with a sketch pad wherever she’d go. She always made sure to have her fingers in motion, even doing impromptu drawings for her friends. Starting as a pencil and pen artist, she’s been able to cultivate her skills and expand to painting, sculptures, and as of 2016, she’s been working on perfecting her art digitally. Adams has certainly overcome some sizable hardships from the beginning of her art career. Being born blind in her left eye, she’s always feared losing her sight. Even more than that, she’s feared possibly losing her artistic ability due to her deteriorating vision. Persistent, however, Ty’Shia finds positives within her disability. One she recognized pretty quickly was that she has a heightened attention to detail; being able to see little details others wouldn’t catch from afar. Influential artists such as Ernie Barnes, Kadir Nelson, Frida Kahlo, and animator Ralph Bakshi have inspired Adams to draw from her life experiences while adding a surrealistic twist to her works. Besides these artists mentioned, Adams can find inspiration and influence from anyone she comes in contact with. She’s certainly been inspired by her support system of family and close friends; even random strangers have shown their support for her artwork because it’s just that good! Currently, Ty’Shia Adams is working on a number of collaborative projects, one being a lead designer for her sister’s California based clothing line. She’s also been able to complete album cover art for artists in Texas. Ty’Shia states that as long as she has her passion, she’ll be able to go as far as she pleases and we couldn’t agree more. “Being an artist is probably the most frustrating job ever. We seek perfection in an imperfect world as imperfect people.” We certainly see perfection in her artwork even if she doesn’t, Ty’Shia Adams is a generational talent. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Latitia Murdock

Many can express themselves through oration while others are a little better at expressing themselves through their writings. 20-year-old Latitia Murdock out of Kansas City, Kansas is capable of both! The young Poet has been growing her skills exponentially; writing poetry for six years and developing her performance of said poetry for three years. What does she write about? Well for starters, Latitia likes to explore Love; finding love, losing love, and everything in between. More than that, she loves to discuss the struggle of Black people and bring awareness to a reality many others wouldn’t understand. Her writings started merely as a hobby, but as she’s been able to grow closer to her writings and make them an extension of herself Murdock has thought about publishing her work and immortalizing it. Her wisdom shines through her words, whether on paper or spoken she creates unique and soulful pieces with the intention of uplifting others. Her goal is to stay true to herself by speak and expressing her reality and feelings. Murdock knows that someone will relate, so for her to sugarcoat her writings would be unfair to them; they need to know they aren’t alone. Being apart of Brave New Voices was a great boost for her, and she performed as one of KCK’s first members to ever attend. With her own voice, she hopes to become a beacon of positivity in the community. She wants to engage the community in regards to speaking on societal issues, mental health, and love/heartbreak. An old soul, Latitiia Murdocks’ wisdom radiates from her writings, spoken word, and overall composure. Expect to see more of her. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Alexander Garvin

A lot of artists can use several styles and techniques to create quality content, but very few are gifted with the touch to breathe life into their creations; Alexander Garvin is amongst those few. The 25-year-old out of Kansas City, Kansas specializes in 2D, 3D, and traditional art. Garvin states that growing up he always had an interest in art with an emphasis on pencil drawings. Early inspirations, such as DragonBall Z propelled this interest with Garvin constantly drawing characters like Goten until he got it perfect to his standards. Trial and error pushed his determination and it was at this time he’d proclaim to his mother that Art is what he plans to do for the rest of his life; at the time he was seven. In 5th grade his skills would only improve, Alexander winning many drawing contests plus being told by teachers he has a talent that is unmatched by any of his classmates. It was also around this time he’d start drawing from his imagination just as much as he did from other influences. DragonBall Z was his first love when it came to references for drawing, but soon he’d venture out to Naruto, Marvel, and DC comics. In high school, he would drop the use of references and draw completely from his imagination and experiences. After taking a break to focus on basketball, he gave up the sport for the chance to attend an all Art school where he met an amazing 3D artist named Rafael Grasseti, the Lead Character Artist at Santa Monica Studios for God of War. The most current influential 2D artist he’s come across is Atey Ghailan. When it comes to the process of designing, Alexander begins with research. For 2D digital art, he’ll create a sketch on a pad before taking a picture then uploading it to Photoshop. From this point he’ll see what color scheme works best for the scene; he’ll refer back to knowledge on color theory. Once he determines the best possible color scheme, he’ll move on to complete the piece. With 3D art, he’ll have to reference anatomy to digitally sculpt and model the characters after concepts of his choosing. From there he’ll make the models “game ready” meaning simplifying the geometry within its makeup by texturing them. He experiences hardship with almost every piece when it comes to execution. In the early stages, he has to convince himself that his initial concept will work out before being fully fleshed out. For 2D, the colors have to work the way he wants; the ideas have to work together and the message he hopes to convey through his art has to be clear. When it comes to 3D, he states that he “simply needs to master the craft to the point it becomes second nature.” Having played basketball for a couple of years in college, he always references that time when dealing with adversity. Using everything he’s learned from that experience to push through. He believes we all have the necessary tools, it’s just a matter of using them to sharpen our skills to the best of our abilities. His biggest goal for the future is to start his own entertainment company with a stature comparable to that of Sony or Marvel. He’s already reached his goal of being in the professional art industry and is now looking to specialize in 3D character animation which happens to be the hardest career path. “You have to do what you can’t so you can do what you couldn’t — that’s the essence of growth.” Growing with every stroke of his pencil, Alexander Garvin is heading towards the top of the design world. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Ky Moor

Many creatives see their talents as an extension of themselves and 18-year-old Ky Moor out of Wyandotte in Kansas City, Kansas is no different! The independent recording artist sees his craft as another sense, one that helps him radiate good vibes through listeners’ ears. Recently, Ky has taken up Acting and Modeling and even stars as a big component in a local TV show. Ky Moor says he took a liking to music once he realized that it was something he couldn’t live without. Music is much more powerful than most realize, it can influence different emotions within a person and Moor loves that. He states his connection to music may be deeper than most, and that the reason he continues to create due to being gifted the ability to and he won’t waste that gift. As with others, Moor has struggled in the past with finding his sound. By this, he means that even though we are individuals we have all been influenced in some way by those who came before us. It’s hard to find differences when it comes to piecing together components of a song, but his versatility helps him in that aspect. From his craft, he’s learned patience and has grown because of said patience. Beforehand, Ky would attempt to rush things but would only be humbled by the outcomes. His repetition and constant “How can I make this better?” attitude have helped him grow that patience and in turn, his craft as well. Some things are out of our control, but what we can always control is how we react because of the shortcomings. Swae Lee, Tory Lanez(Pre-2020), Zapp & Rodger, PND, Breezy, and Ayel are some of the biggest influences Ky has when it comes to music. He characterizes Kansas City’s music scene as Trap oriented, something Ky states is a good thing because he brings to the scene a whole ‘nother vibe! He feels as though there is a lot of hidden talent within the city that will be revealed once we broaden our range. Ky Moor has been able to stay consistent through the support of his family, especially his mother as well as his R.O.D. Kennedy who has never once missed one of his shows. He also recognizes his Nana, as he would have no fashion sense if it wasn’t for her. From his craft, Ky hopes to gain meaning and to use his platform to provide emotional healing for lost souls, hype music for happy hearts, wake up calls for slackers, and everything in between. The goal is to let others know that even when they feel as though they may have nothing and no one in their corner; they have Ky Moor and the positivity he conveys through his music. He stresses the importance of remaining a student to the game, never taking shortcuts, and never giving up. Even when faced with constant “no’s,” you’ll have to be the one who says “yes!” Do things the right way for you, it may look differently for another. “Thru the pain love prevails, always.” Young but wise, Ky Moor has a promising future ahead of him. Always move #CloserToYourDreams.


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Rian Neely

Some wordsmiths prefer the gracefulness of poetry while others may prefer to feel a beat and produce raps from it. Wordsmiths like Rian Neely, however, likes to indulge in both. The 20-year-old out of Kansas City, Kansas has been writing since the age of 13, making it seven years since beginning to grow his respective crafts. What had started as just a “test run” to see if he had any potential or liked to write ended up being much more than that. Neely began simply listening to beats with his friends and writing along to them. Soon after, he would go on to join his school’s Poetry team which allowed him to be more open with his writings. Rian would preform his poetry at different events and in front of large crowds of his peers. To perfect his skills, he’s started to write every day for hours on end. The networking of peers from Canada to Trinidad has helped him maintain his relevancy with music as well as the attendance of multiple open mics and poetry shows. He’s stayed hungry, investing in himself by building a home studio set up and pursuing his associates in Audio Engineering which he’ll be obtaining this Fall. Rian sees knowledge as power and wants to know as much about his craft as he possibly can. Like everyone else, however, Rian has seen struggle. Often time he finds it hard to believe in himself but he constantly shakes those feelings by realizing that no one else can do what he does as he can. Another struggle, as seen with other KC artists, is that a lot of people in the city don’t support one another. The music scene in KC is seen more so as a popularity contest rather than a who has the greater skill. Neely says that regardless of this, the city continues to produce quality artists with different styles and creative approaches. Neely believes that KC has one of the most diverse music scenes in the nation, mentioning artists such as JoJo Ali, Trae Curry, Sammy, Mac Infinity, AyEl, XVX Paris, Kye Colors, Dirty Dom, and himself of course. Of all the artists mentioned, NONE of them sound the same and bring their flavor to Kansas City’s musical buffet. Within the next couple of years, Rian Neely sees himself only growing as an artist and taking up other skills such as Producing and Engineering. He draws influences from various artists like Biggie Smalls, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Joey Badass, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Juice Wrld, Denzel Curry, J.I.D, J.Cole, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Big Pun, Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe called Quest, 6LACK, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Brent Faiyaz, Miguel, Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly, Action Bronson, Bas, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Chance The Rapper, Smino, Saba, Noname, Childish Gambino, Future, XXXTentacion, Ski Mask the Slump God, Joyner Lucas, Jay Z, Jay Rock, Jhene Aiko, SZA, Summer Walker, The Weeknd and that’s “just scratching the surface” he says. Neely draws support from his parents and brothers, crediting them for keeping him going! He plans on giving back to the community who has given him so much; saying that he’ll open a Recording Studio fashioned after the Boys & Girls Club with emphasis on writing and music. Rather than the usual school to prison pipeline, he wants to create a pipeline to success. “I find myself to be quite confident as a person but you’re going to have that piece of doubt in the back of your head because we’re human. We all have it. It’s just I like to address it and not keep it bottled in because I don’t know what it could turn into.” – Kendrick Lamar. Rian Neely, the Chief will be a pillar of the community in the coming years. Always move #CloserToYourDreams.


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Erika Upton

Trendy, bold, couturier, fashionista; no matter how you describe her, 20-year-old Erika Upton out of Kansas City, Kansas has a passion for fashion. Not many people can put an outfit together quite as well as she can, and it’s even rarer to see them pull it off as she does. Upton can couple together pieces with a certain precision due to her keen eye for fashion. Her outfits not only reflect her vibrant, likable personality but Upton’s surrounding atmosphere as well; coordinated perfectly based on location, time, and mood. For now, staying focused, happy, and bright are her goals. In time Erika will be moving to Chicago and getting closer to her dreams. Following this, she’ll be attending Columbia in pursuit of a degree in Fashion Merchandise & Design. She’s constantly working on starting and building her Modeling career whilst keeping a foot in the Fashion door. She thanks God for everything she’s been able to accomplish, hoping to spread that same love God’s given to her. As far as her community is concerned, she’s working towards better education, equal opportunity, and the connecting of her peers. Erika Upton wants everyone to prosper beginning with her; believing she can make it numerous ways in the Fashion industry and from her influence incite bonding and good nature within her community. “Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak.” Both a fashion and role model. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Brian Davis

Many creatives can do different things but use their time to cultivate one particular skill separately from the others. Brian Davis likes to take the “Jack-Of-All-Trades” approach; working on his prominence in Writing, Producing, Entrepreneurship, and more all at once. The 21-year-old powerhouse out of Wyandotte County in Kanas City, Kansas has been writing since he was 14, meaning he’s been working on his talents for seven years now! It was around this same time he banded together with his cousins to organize a business plan. A couple of years later and they put their plans into action to create TeamDreamOn. Davis, like all creatives, has faced challenges but of course, he has never backed down from them. No matter what the challenge is, he states that nothing is enough to make him stop or quit altogether. Sometimes, Davis will go days dealing with writer’s block where other than trying to force his way through writing he’ll instead spend his time working on and completing multiple beats a day. Vice versa occurs as well, and Brian will write until his pen loses ink. Aside from music, Brian Davis says that the world has the biggest influence on his writings and productions. With so much going on in the world, there’s a lot of things to become passionate about and opportunities knocking everywhere you turn. He classifies his music as the “smoothest, raw vocalized, harmonious and melodic hip-hop rap that you’ve heard from KC,” especially on the Kansas side of the city. Davis’s music often describes the life he’s living in the moment or what he’s experienced in the past. There’s no faking or perpetrating in his music; he only wants to discuss real and raw life experiences. Brian has a deeply rooted love for KC and the capability of other artists in the city to consolidate and create/share work; something that can be a rarity. According to Brian, other artists rarely support because support around KC is more of a popularity contest, and those without it are disregarded no matter how talented they may be. Brian seeks to change this in many ways, one of them being to drop high-quality music and content constantly; there’s always something marinating in the kitchen and soon everyone will want a bite! “They feel my aura and they know I’m the one/I smile bright like the Kansas morning Sun.” Always move #CloserToYourDreams


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Zackaria Clay

Artistry can be conveyed through a multitude of ways. Some artists keep things traditional by sticking to their canvas whilst others may get a little technological by using digital sketch pads and other graphic design programs. However, artists such as 18-year-old Zackaria Clay out of Kansas City, Missouri take it a step further by choosing to create her masterpieces on skin. CEO and Creative Designer of Gorgeous K company, Clay has made strides to build her company from the ground up focusing on Makeup Artistry and Clothing Design. While Zackaria has been working in these industries for four years, her company has only existed for three; but it’s been a very fruitful three years for her. Her passion has always stemmed from wanting to change these industries by using expression and inclusion with her work; wanting people to feel good not only inside but outside as well as a top priority of hers she progressed towards with her products and clothing. Zackaria Clay takes her work very seriously, working on every customer differently than the last. When asked about her process she responded “The main attraction is the face and the makeup is an important piece when it comes to what you wear. From a natural beat to a night out the eyeshadow and the highlight are big components. For a natural makeup look, light and nude colors are essential making sure it will all blend in with the natural color of the client. When it comes to a full face night out clients look for something to pop out.” She understands that people have differentiating facial structures; it is of the utmost importance to bring these unique facial attributes out in each makeup look she completes. Due to her brand being newer, it’s been difficult for her to get consumers to trust her products; those who do are never disappointed, might we add. Her company produces high-quality products fashioned from all-natural ingredients that make them safe to use for everyone! Gorgeous K was built on the foundation of supplying customers with the best products/ingredients to become truly inclusive to all. After obtaining her associate degree in Fashion, Zackaria plans on furthering her education and expanding her company through the production of an extensive collection of cosmetics and clothing lines. From there, she plans on eventually being able to host wide-scale fashion shows; and in addition to this, Clay says the employment of people with similar interests and drive within her company is important because she wants to see everyone express themselves just as she has. “Our motto is ‘to BeU Gorgeous’ in everything you do.” She’s certainly on the right track to becoming a young mogul.


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