Phil Avery

Having a team behind you is nice and helps tremendously when it comes to the creation and distribution of projects. Unfortunately, not all of us are granted this luxury when we begin our journeys as creatives. 25-year-old Phil Avery out of Kansas City, Missouri didn’t allow not having a team to affect his journey and instead became a team all by himself. Capable of Rapping, Singing, Songwriting, Engineering, and Mixing & Mastering his music, Phil Avery believes there’s always room to improve. Although born in Kansas City, Missouri, Avery attended school in Kansas City, Kansas, and claims to have experienced the best of both worlds. He became serious about rapping in the 11th grade even though he’d been rapping before this. Phil’s reasoning behind rapping was to become known for something whether it be his ideology or the emotions he evoked with his lyrics; music was the perfect outlet to achieve both. Issues with confidence and fear halted his music career, Phil felt as though his music wouldn’t translate to people and that they wouldn’t even attempt to understand his ideas. Like other creatives, he felt discouraged by his own thoughts. Through hard work and self-acknowledgment, Avery was able to power through and help himself grow. “Note 2 Self” was a song he wrote to himself to be words of affirmation. Avery would label his sound under Hip-Hop, but more so as if Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul had a love child. The music he makes is unique in the fact that it’s the music he would enjoy. If Phil didn’t love his work before anyone else, how can he expect others to feel what he wants to convey? He’s had the opportunity to collaborate with a select few admirable individuals but is actively trying to work with other great locals such as Aaron Alexander, Kye Colors, and JoJo Ali sometime in the future. Phil Avery feels he’ll be one of the many talented creatives in Kansas City to break out onto the major scene. He states that within the next few years, he’ll be going at least double platinum. This is a feat we wouldn’t put past him! “There are only 2 steps in making great music. Step 1: Be yourself. Step 2: Repeat step 1.” Always move #CloserToYourDreams


A New Place 2 Swim: Stream Here

Facebook: Phil Avery

SoundCloud: Phil Avery

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