Zarin Micheal

One of the most difficult parts about being creative is staying the course and trusting the creative process. While the process may look easy for some, it could be a lot more trying for others. One needs to persevere regardless of what the circumstances may be. Skilled 22-year-old Creative writer and Musical Artist Zarin Micheal out of Kansas City, Missouri has remained passionate for his craft despite the obstacles he has encountered. Zarin has always had an ear for music performing in talent shows, participating in hallway rap battles, and showcasing himself during school assemblies. He’s taken his abilities to the next level within the past six years by writing and working on the story he wanted to convey through his music. Rap-wise, Zarin has been influenced greatly by Jay Z. In terms of creativity and reaching to surpass his limits, he finds inspiration in Kanye West and his approach to things. Zarin’s mother has also influenced the young musician greatly by indulging him in the 90s and 2000s rap early on in life. Micheal found himself losing motivation and confidence in his music during his college years. During this time, he majorly focused on being the first one from his family to complete college. Zarin was losing sight of the vision and his purpose. Sadly, this would result in Micheal falling into a deep depression and questioning himself on many things. After experiencing a coming to God moment, he began to understand that without pain there would be no gain. Zarin was able to find and follow his voice rather than seeking the approval of others thanks to the support from his fiancé, family, and inner circle. He describes music in his city as predominantly having a gritty street sound with some exceptions. In recent years, Zarin has noticed unique evolution in the storytelling done with lyrics and sees more artists straying away from the typical sound we’ve heard in the past. His music is an overview of his life and what struggles he may face on the day to day basis. Topics range from contemplation of his thoughts to relationships encountered to educated views he attempts to share. The main goal of his music is to be realistic with both the listener and himself. Micheal has been able to work with local talent and currently has a project in the works with Southside Dame. He hopes to work with other locals such as Richy Rated, DMT O, Ayel, Rico Slim, MB58, and Cale246 sometime soon. Zarin Micheal sets himself apart by focusing heavily on the visual aspects of music. Through the visuals produced and the quality of his arrangements he’s put himself in a different lane. Zarin accredits this “outside of the box” thought process to the influence Ye has had on him. Zarin sees himself teaching others how to consistently succeed in whatever they put their mind towards. He’ll lead in providing the importance of time, family, and faith while being a disciple of God. Laying the blueprint for making it from where he’s from on an industrial level will be his ultimate task. We see him doing phenomenal things! Always move #CloserToYourDreams


LinkTree: Click Here

DaysBeforeAmma: Stream Here

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