Drowning out the negativity from others and focusing strictly on what you want for yourself and your craft can be one of the best things a creative can do. Molding your talent how you desire it to be before anyone else’s wants is a must. 24-year-old Singer and Songwriter DAYH out of Wichita, Kansas, goes above and beyond to shape her musical experience how she sees fit. Becoming a singer was always a dream of hers since growing up in her church’s choir. DAYH has been writing since the age of nine. Recently, she’s decided to become serious and take her gift to the next level in 2019. The singer/songwriter has refined her abilities by blocking out what others wanted and focusing on what she wanted for herself. She experienced hardships in not believing in herself and even diminishing herself for people who couldn’t and wouldn’t even attempt to see her vision. The support systems around her have uplifted DAYH and caused her to love herself, and in turn, her music more. She describes her music as having an R&B, Pop-Soul vibe. Through her melodic, sensual, emotion-evoking lyrics, she expresses her truth, speaking the things other are often afraid to say. Her music conveys the thought of ridding yourself of toxic situations in a positive, fun, and friendly matter. DAYH creates an uplifting sound that can cure heartbreaks. She illustrates her local music scene as dry and unsupportive, a dynamic we hope to see a change soon. She wishes to partner with locals CasaNova, Miss V, and a few others. A short list of her accomplishments includes shooting her first music video in Atlanta in December, having her first show in New York, and preparing to release her album titled “Groovy” this Summer 2021. Networking has made so much attainable for DAYH in just a short year. In the future, she sees herself relocating to Atlanta and going on tour as an independent artist. She wishes to make music with her significant other while traveling with loved ones and making the most out of life. “Never let the sun go down on your anger, negativity should never dwell in your energy.” We see a future filled with good vibes and positivity for DAYH. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


Instagram: Miss_DayH

Facebook: DAYH

Twitter: Pretty__Day

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