Dustin Miller

Devour, by definition, means to eat (food or prey) hungrily or quickly. 23-year-old Luxury Streetwear designer Dustin Miller out of Kansas City, Kansas, has taken the word and applied it to his clothing brand, Devour Supply. Starting in March of 2020, Devour Supply has been running for over a year straight and has only gotten better with time! Owner and CEO Dustin Miller states that he chose the word “Devour” because it gives the feeling of being unstoppable, which is the effect he wants wearing his clothing to have on others. A combination of luxurious fabrics, eye-catching colors, and fly designs result in stylish streetwear that’s honestly in a league of its own. Since middle school, Dustin has been able to develop a keen eye for fashion. One of the main contributing factors to the creation of Devour Supply was the lack of fashionable items in the mall and other shopping centers. He wanted to create something that one could both look and feel good wearing. Being a fan of brands such as Supreme, Stussy, and Thrasher, Dustin Miller examined their designs and what makes them so distinct. He’s also sought inspiration from celebrity idols Chief Keef and G Herbo. Some of the hardships encountered have been false love and others applying their negative thoughts to his situation. These hardships have been drowned out by the tremendous amount of support Miller has received since he first opened the shop. Graduating in Fall 2020, he’s utilized his degree in Supply Chain Management to expand his business exponentially. While a couple of his collections are well-liked, his lucrative pastel hoodie collection has taken over! The Mint, Lavender, and Yellow hoodies are accompanied by the Devour brand name and three strategically and beautifully placed butterflies. Miller says he wanted to create something beautiful with the hoodies and that his future projects will be just as successful. Dustin gives notice to other local brands such as Kyndallz Kreationz, Avenge, WIKID, Seventeen Summers, and more. In the future, Dustin Miller will be bringing many more items to the continuously growing Devour Supply. He’ll use the wealth accumulated from his business to explore other business ventures as well and evoke change within his community. “It ain’t the shoes it’s the dude. If you feel comfortable and look good in it, that’s all that matters.” A local gem, we look forward to him continuing to devour designer fashion. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Shop Here: Devour Supply

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