Gee Watts

It’s not uncommon to see that many Creatives will have different talents for which they have different uses. When one uses their craft to motivate and inspire others, however, it speaks volumes about their character. Gee Watts from Kansas City, Missouri, is a Rapper and distinguished figure within his city. Working with some prominent figures in the music industry, Gee is viewed as an inspiration and motivator to many Creatives residing on both sides of KC. Watts states there’s footage of him rapping Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” as a one-year-old, claiming that music has been with him from the beginning. Like other Creatives, Watts’ has been met with wins, losses, and lessons on many occasions. Despite the obstacles, his faith and encouragement from loved ones have kept him rooted to stay the course.

“I love the locals. I’ve worked with a lot of them, probably too many to name. I want to work with Janelle Monaé, she’s beyond special. Morgan Cooper, I need a cameo on Bel-Air. I wanna work with Ron Ron and Tech, they’re the two rappers I looked up to as a kid like alright I need in. I was on Techs project I want him on mines.” 

—Gee Watts

Gee describes music in KC as unheard and underappreciated. Kanas City’s sound does not receive the proper credit it deserves. Places such as Detroit and Los Angeles incorporate the same bass synth & string sounds originating from KC and The Bay. Many do not associate KC with a style that has grown so eminent and recognized elsewhere. Watts will continue to work through his craft to educate and support those who come after, declaring his mission statement “Save Our Babies.” He says the future is God’s plan, the will of Allah. Wherever life may take Gee Watts, he’ll be 100% him until the end. “Without confidence, you’re twice defeated. With confidence, you win before you begin.” A man we’re confident will see many more wins. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


LinkTree: Stream Here

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