Dom Chronicles

Grueling jobs, limited resources, emptiness; all are daily struggles for many. While it’s easy to succumb to the pressure, some have made it their mission to keep pushing regardless of the challenge. Dom Chronicles, a Multifaceted Creator from Olathe, KS, is one of them. Although Dom spent his youth in Olathe, he also recognizes Kansas City, Missouri as home as he’s lived there for some time. Dom’s resilience, paired with his talents, has shown him success and even a growing following. With his mother being an instrumentalist and stepdad’s hip hop collection, it was only a matter of time before Dom grew interested in music. Dom states Pharrell was an influence on him as a kid. He was intrigued by Pharrell’s impact on the music and fashion industries. Beginning at age 10, singing in the choir and playing violin, he would see his musical talents grow from here. Dom played around with Rap in high school but would find himself actively pursuing it after dropping out of college. Artists like Wiz and Curren$y inspired him during this time. “What do I have to lose?” Dom recalls thinking to himself. He would rap about his life, becoming a storyteller with unlimited content. Him Producing and DJing came from wanting to broaden his horizons and become a more self-sufficient Artist. He’s dealt with the strain of jobs and having to dedicate time to something other than his dreams but stayed hungry, using his jobs to fund his creation. Dom takes pride in his work ethic, never staying complacent and making things happen rather than waiting for them. The distinct sound the lyricist has developed fits perfectly with the versatility of Kansas City’s, music scene.

“I don’t feel like anyone really sounds the same or like anyone else. All the music here has a unique feel to it. It’s a little bit underrated too. We are a fairly unheard of market besides names like Tech or Janelle Monae so I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to “get out” or “blow up”. All that is changing though. With the rate music is moving at I think it’s only a matter of time before we have some more rising stars out of the city in multiple genres, there are already quite a few artists from here on the trajectory.”

—Dom Chronicles

Dom Chronicles has enjoyed partnering with multiple local creators, emphasizing his camp, Reality Makers Co. As a collective, they’ve been beneficial in helping each other progress. As an immediate thought, Dom wants to work with Conductor Williams but looks forward to working with anyone passionate about their craft. The true intention to create drives an organic process Dom believes results in some pretty dope collaborations. He doesn’t like to speak about the future. God’s got a plan, so he tries not to stress it. Dom would like to travel and explore the world utilizing whatever creative outlet’s prominent in his life. Wherever he goes, staying disciplined and mindful of his action is always a top priority. There’s nowhere Dom Chronicles can’t go. Always move #CloserToYourDreams


SHININ’ Music Video: Watch Here

SHININ’ Audio: Stream Here

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