D’Monte Gaw

When Creatives are passionate about their craft, they take pride in placing it on display for others. While audiences may not see the many grueling hours of learning, prep, and execution Creatives endure, the hard work is evident in the quality of the finished product. 20-year-old D’Monte Gaw is an Athlete, Gamer, and Photographer from Kansas City, Kansas. His love for photography developed through taking pictures of his animals. D’Monte prides himself on a hustle mindset and values the thought of ownership. Within one year, his business, D’Monte Gaw Photography, has accrued long-lasting clients and fans of his work. With D’Monte seeing some problems arise from being overbooked, he tasked himself with creating a team that could help the business run smoothly. Limiting bookings, editing shots, and marketing are all things the team does to support the business. Making connections with clients and other photographers/videographers is of the utmost importance for D’Monte. He wants his work to be seen across many different platforms by many different individuals, and to do so he’s perfected the networking and communication abilities necessary. D’Monte Gaw Photography is set apart through affordability, quick turnaround on orders, and superb customer service. In the near future, D’Monte plans to be a traveling photographer capturing moments for professional organizations, athletes, influencers, and artists. With work of his caliber, we’re sure we’ll be hearing about D’Monte Gaw internationally. Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Email: Dmontegaw@yahoo.com

Website: D’Monte Gaw Photography

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