Dairionn Billberry Sr.

You can reach your goals by taking a specific skill and honing it to its maximum potential, yet, while there’s nothing wrong with this route, many prefer to take a set of different skills and improve on those all at once. It’s said that most millionaires have at least seven streams of income because the more, the merrier. By this logic, it is no surprise that 25-year-old Dairionn “Big Tuss” Billberry Sr. out of Wyandotte County in Kansas City, Kansas, is quickly making strides towards success. Also known as “Mr. Do it All,” Billberry is a skilled Artist, Creator, Philanthropist, Coach, Entrepreneur, Investor, and more! Since a kid, Billberry has found a way to hustle and get whatever he needed. His grandmother inspired him first, introducing him to art through poetry. Her favorite poet was Langston Hughes, and Billberry would often draw with his grandmother while listening to her recite the poems. In addition to this, he would make model cars with his grandfather. Like other creatives, Tuss has encountered mental, physical, and financial hardships as he’s trained his talents faithfully. Through staying true to himself and taking responsibility for whatever happens in life, he’s been able to overcome any problems thrown his way.

“Hardships come in many forms, but it’s up to each person to be able to understand that they are just a moment in time. The future is ahead of us no matter if we’re ready or not.”

– Dairionn Billberry Sr.

Billberry’s favorite art forms are Painting, Music, and Visuals. He sees Painting as the process of creatively expressing oneself on canvas and displaying it for everyone to see, which is why he loves it. Tuss believes Music & Art complement each other very well, and in fact, it’s hard for him to create without listening to the music of some sort. We’re sure this is the case for many other creatives as well. The genre of music he listens to often influences the style and result of his paintings. Tuss enjoys painting canvas because that’s where the craft began and, he appreciates the detail and technique required when painting on canvas. Billberry is a fan of local artists Panyin Boye-Doe, Chris Childs, and Braxton Parker. He considers Childs and Parker as his brothers and has even collaborated with them on a couple of pieces. Their first collaboration was a chef utensil bag which they customized for Chef Aarondrick Knox. The next collaboration they did would be a custom clipper case they worked for Barber Ja’Male Morrow. Dairionn Billberry sets himself apart through his style and versatility. He loves pushing himself and has become known because of the many services he’s able to offer. In the future, Billberry plans to improve his time management work on keeping to a stricter schedule. Owning three businesses, Off Day Customs, Homes by Billberry, and PACE, can often stretch a person thin. By improving his time management, Billberry hopes to be able to service more customers efficiently. “We all have something to prove. It’s up to you, how much you want other people to notice.” A young visionary, we’re certainly excited to see where life takes him! Always move #CloserToYourDreams

Instagram: Off Day Customs

Instagram: OnBigTuss

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